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Glamping: Faux or Fun?

The following is an article “Glamping: Faux or Fun?” by Marc Pulisci.

The world in which we live is such that there is always an option for human beings to co-exist and meet half way. That said, what happens when one half of a couple enjoys living it up in the lap of luxury and the other half prefers roughing it up cowboy style?


What is “glamping”?

The solution to that dilemma is “glamping”. A portmanteau of the words “glamor” and “camping”, glamping is an experience that combines the comfort of modern conveniences such as toilet and bath with the rustic charm and natural beauty of the great outdoors. So, is glamping a win-win option for everyone, or a whimsical cop out that defeats the purpose of real camping?

The Pros

If you can accept it for what it is, a fusion of both luxury and nature-tripping, then glamping is a great way for people with different preferences to bond by compromising a little on both ends. After all, getting down on all fours to crawl into a tent and curl up into a sleeping bag on a hard and uneven surface isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, let alone having to squat in the bushes to answer calls of nature and bury the evidence in a hole. For those yearning to experience being out there in the wilderness without having to sacrifice their creature comforts, then glamping is the way to go.

The Cons

For hardcore purists whose definition of camping is an escape from the comforts and conveniences of urban living, then glamping is an activity that will be scoffed at in the same way as wine connoisseurs might frown on twist cap bottles of vino. To them, the very essence of camping means experiencing a spartan way of life that one is not accustomed to, with the end goal of enriching one’s character and becoming a more well-rounded person. This would mean pitching tents, cooking meals over a bonfire, and living without electricity or hot water for several days.

The Verdict

Glamping is what it is: an alternative to checking into a luxury hotel or going on an old school camping trip. Look at it that way and you won’t feel short-changed—regardless of your personal preference between glamor and camping. For suggestions on worldwide glamping destinations, check out and take your pick.

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