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4 Travel Apps You Need Right Now

This is an article “4 Travel Apps You Need Right Now” by Marc Pulisci.

Mobile apps are your everyday tool kit that fits whatever lifestyle you lead and for avid travelers, they have never been more useful than when the COVID-9 pandemic shuttered almost every aspect of travel momentarily.

Must have apps when traveling

Whether you shop at Google Play or the App Store, there are hundreds if not thousands of travel apps that can help you weather the current pandemic storm. Check out a well-curated list of the must-have ones below if you are planning to pack your bags and go on holiday or business soon!


American Airlines was one of the first companies to remedy the travel situation amid the global pandemic with its app Verifly, which complements their onsite manual health checks for passengers with the use of a negative COVID-19 database via biometrics firm Daon.

Users can clear themselves while on their way to the airport by indicating their COVID-19 test results and matching it with their passports and IDs. Once they reach the airport, there’s also a separate Verifly check-in lane for faster and worry-free processing that spares them hours of queuing in the regular passenger lines.


We’ve all experienced long layovers in airports. Suffering through costly Wi-Fi and bad food options while you wait for your flight can be quite taxing for many passengers and LoungBuddy has a solution to ease all of its hassles. By signing up, the app opens up a world of nearby lounge membership alternatives where you can while away your time wherever airport you might be stuck in.

No need to worry if you are not a member of any elite lounge groups as there are also free recommendations or ones you may enter via a day pass. Thanks to LoungeBuddy, you can say goodbye to wasted hours of waiting in smelly and dirty airports!


Canceled flights are always a nuisance for every travel fan and AirHelp is your top app that helps you get back compensation for such inconveniences if you are entitled. Everyone knows that the process can be quite complicated with only 1% being compensated according to US and EU travel laws. With AirHelp, passengers held for delays or cancellations can cut down the process within minutes by simply entering their flight information and shedding light to their flight issues. With the help of the app, you can get 75% of the payout plus a referral bonus if you happen to recommend the app to a fellow passenger on your inconvenienced flight.


Much like Verifly, CommonPass also eases the pains of waiting in line for travel clearances by sharing your health status. What sets it apart though is its health data safety features that also aims to help the World Economic Forum and its partners with their contact tracing efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, with your consent on the use of your health information.

The app shows airport clearance officers your lab results and vaccination records without revealing any other health issues you may have. These are then entered into a comprehensive, secure, and private health data system which you can control via mobile and show airport clearance officers which, depending on local regulations, can spare you of quarantine time once you set foot in your destination.

Itching to get on board for a quick holiday? First, remember to download the apps above then check out some of the safest vacation spots in the world and schedule a flight soon!

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