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A Non-gambling Holiday in Las Vegas

This is an article “A Non-gambling Holiday in Las Vegas” by Marc Pulisci.

There are plenty of reasons to go to Las Vegas other than play the thousands of casino tables available or tie the knot in chapels where Elvis impersonators preside ceremonies. Exploring the many sights outside the glittering casinos can also satisfy your wanderlust in many ways that you’d want to go all-in.

Holiday in Las Vegas

At first, it seemed pretty challenging to divert a vision of Las Vegas other than what it is very prominent in the world for which is gaming and world-class entertainment. However, taking a closer look at the city’s non-gaming attractions is also worth the time and dollars. The best thing about it is that you just can’t lose.

If you’re in the city and want a side trip away from The Strip and all its roulette and table games, here are the best places to visit when in Vegas.

Star Wars VR

At the Venetian Hotel at the end of the Grand Canal Shoppes sits an awesome virtual reality experience that will leave you breathless. The Star Wars Secrets of the Empire straps you into another dimension as you complete missions along with your favorite characters complete with the necessary artillery. The feel and visual spectacle will surely blow your mind and transport you into the Star Wars universe unlike any 3D or hologram technology attraction can. There are plenty of familiar movie scenes you can visit and even if you are not a Star Wars geek, you’re sure to enjoy how this attraction makes you forget about the real world even for just 15 minutes.

Death Valley National Park

If you want to bask in some sunshine, then the Death Valley National Park has plenty of it. Just make sure you put on ample amounts of sunscreen and check the day’s temperatures as it could be scorching hot in certain days. But if you welcome the heat, then prepare yourself for a breathtaking trip.

Known for its beautiful canyons, mountain ranges, hot springs, and waterfalls, this park echoes the heritage of Native Americans as you visit the Timbisha Shoshone community. Along the way, you’ll also find Zabriskie Point in the Amargosa Range that’s prominent for its landscapes and sediments from Furnace Creek Lake which have dried up for five million years.

You may opt to sign up for a 30-minute hike at the Salt Flats in the Badwater Basin under the hot sun but be sure you are well hydrated and in shape to avoid fainting. Otherwise, visit Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel wherein you can relax in pools or hike in the area’s unspoiled wilderness for some nature-filled sightseeing.

Aerial rides

Ever wondered what the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas strip looks like from a bird’s eye view? Then go to the many helicopter rental companies that can take you up the air to see the city’s beautiful natural and manmade landscapes. For full-day services, there’s a six and a half hour tour that can take you up the peak of the Grand Canyon for a truly captivating view of its majestic formations.

If you prefer some extreme plane rides, sign up at Sky Combat Ace where you can play the passenger in a range of safe stunts that will surely take your breath away. Be sure you haven’t grabbed a bite before boarding the plane as it will take you on flips, free falls, and upside down in speeds that go up to 250 miles per hour for a good 12 minutes. If you find that a piece of cake, perhaps you should try some six-level gravitational force that can make your entire body feel sucked out into infinite pressure. Most people pass out at a G-force of at least seven, but at you’ll get near that intense feeling at six nonetheless.

There’s more to ‘The Meadows’ (the Spanish meaning of the city’s name) than just gambling, glitzy shows, and unforgettable bachelor parties that result in monumental hangovers. Looking around the many natural sights and wonders of Las Vegas can give you a holiday high that you can’t find anywhere else. From marveling at the aerial view of the Grand Canyon to channeling your inner child in virtual reality, sharing these experiences with your loved ones are stories that are truly worth telling. With that, everything that happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily have to stay in Vegas.

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