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A Tour of Paris By Foot

The following is an article “A Tour of Paris By Foot” by Marc Pulisci.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Even the most frequent traveler will likely agree that the French capital possesses its own confidence and pride, making it aesthetically pleasing and culturally enriching to visitors from near and far.

A Tour of Paris By Foot

Paris’s sidewalks are inviting while its roads are relatively traffic-free by today’s standards as city officials ensure there is a balance of pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and limited cars on the road. Because of this, there are many walking tours offered by reputable companies that one can take all over the city.

Below is a curated list of the best tours by foot where you’ll get to see beautiful landmarks around this 105-square kilometer city of lights.

City Free Tour

Book yourself on this pioneering company’s free package and get some in-depth knowledge about the city and its many architectural marvels. Guides will walk you through spots that tell of the city’s history and arts. With their specialized tours, City Free Tour can take you to the city’s inner neighborhoods, including Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, and other landmarks. Be sure to tip your guide reasonably, but if you want to avoid large crowds, private tours are also available for a higher fee.

SANDEMAN’s Free Paris Tour

Enjoy an exciting two-and-a-half hour walk through the city with this free guided tour that starts at the Place Saint-Michel fountain and makes its way through some of the city’s best historical structures and museums. Here, you’ll see the Louvre, Notre Dame, Pont Neuf Bridge, and the iconic Eiffel Tower. Taking this route will accustom you to that charming Parisian vibe as you get to know more about the city’s rich history, courtesy of a professional tour guide. Again, tip tour guides appropriately.

Discover Walks

Lasting about an hour and a half, this company offers both free and paid walking tours for visitors. The unpaid tour takes you around the Latin Quarter and other famous landmarks, while paid specialty tours that start at €25 per person let you sample local fresh greens and gluten-free produce, lead you to some innovative Parisian street art, let you witness sunset at Montmartre, or even let you plot out your perfect day in Paris by choosing your preferred spots. If you are to take the free tour, the average tip acceptable to guides is no less than €13.

Dark Side of Paris Evening Walk

Away from the city’s reputation as the city of lights and love, Paris also presents a dark side for its visitors via this tour. With a guide that lets you in on the city’s history of underworld crime, strange events, and badly-kept secrets, this evening walk is one of the best tours you’ll cherish while in Paris. The thrill begins at the Cité metro station and leads you to a discovery of medieval slayers, executioners, witchcraft, and the paranormal for three hours. You’ll eventually make your stop at Notre Dame. Fees for the walking tour start at €49 per person.

Paris By Mouth

If you’re a foodie who wants to sample the best that Paris has got to offer, then this walking tour is definitely for you. For three hours, a guide will take you on a culinary adventure that melds Paris’s flavors, history, art, and culture. This tour will not only familiarize you with the city, but make you (and your tummy) fall hopelessly in love with it. While the walking tour might cost you a bit more at €110 per person, you get your money’s worth with a holistic food and wine tour guaranteed to satisfy both your eyes and your palate. Paris By Mouth carries the gold standard for such culinary tours in the French capital with trained chefs, certified sommeliers, and food critics as your reliable guides.

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