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A Vegan’s Guide To A Great Holiday

The following is an article “A Vegan’s Guide To A great Holiday” by Marc Pulisci.

Beware of restaurants that exploit customers by serving lackluster dishes then charging too much for a great view. A Parisian diner that offers a good view of the Eiffel Tower may serve you a plate of old lettuce, canned fruit, lousy eggs, call it a fancy salad name, and hand you an over the top bill. Sometimes, being vegan can really be difficult when it comes to finding good food while on holiday.

A Vegan’s Guide To A Great Holiday

For epicurean vegans who travel frequently, there’s hope in every horizon. The truth is you can try out hundreds of vegetarian delicacies that can be found in particular countries or cities. With fresh greens and fruits picked on local farms that offer distinct flavors, you can also give your taste buds their own great adventure while on holiday.

Here are some of the best global restaurants for a discerning vegan like yourself to try out the next time you go on vacation.

The Green Rocket Café, Bath, England

On the rustic pavements of Pierrepont Street in Bath sits this award-winning vegan eatery that tells so much about the city’s personality. With golden limestone structures and historic houses all around, The Green Rocket Café offers hungry travelers home-cooked veggie dishes that are truly satisfying and delicious. Using Italian, Middle Eastern, and Asian ingredients to whip up a diverse selection that will fill you from breakfast to dinner, some of their bestsellers include the Ginger Beer Battered Halloumi, the Vietnamese Coconut Curry bowl, and Raw Courgette Spaghetti Bolognese Salad.

David Bann, Edinburgh, Scotland

From vegetarian chef and proprietor David Bann comes this vegan treasure up north. Once you get used to the cold weather and hilly terrains, sample this restaurant’s fusion dishes that integrate the flavors of the Mediterranean and the Pacific. If you’re a dairy-free vegan, you’ll delight in their many entrees. Let their freshly made soups warm you before you enjoy their roasted cauliflower, potato and chickpea curry, which you can pair with another main of spiced quinoa, spinach, pinenuts and sundried tomato courgette wrap with a rice arancino. Bann will give you a truly great dining experience that definitely goes well with the sights of Edinburgh.

Il Margutta, Rome Italy

Eating and art are two irresistible activities that any traveler would want to indulge in while on holiday. In Rome, Il Margutta offers both as it stays true to the country’s vegetarian culture as well as its artistry. Via Margutta’s ivy-draped, clay-colored walls that once became home to Pablo Picasso, and the courtyard that lines up art studios serve as the perfect locale for this vegan buffet-themed restaurant. They offer good wine and vegetarian pairings at the Bio Bar, as well as a green brunch menu consisting of dishes that are prepared in special ovens to retain their natural flavor and nutritional values. When in Rome, Il Margutta is a definite must-try if you are looking for legendary places to visit.

Plant, Cape Town, South Africa

As the vegan lifestyle continues to gain popularity in South Africa, various restaurants offering healthy greens have also began opening their doors. One of the best that offers eclectic culinary creations for the vegan foodie is Plant in Cape Town-- a hip vegan restaurant that promises tasty flavors and reasonable prices. Ingredients are sourced locally and dishes are seasonal to ensure that you only get the finest plates of healthy spicy bean and Buddha bowls, or their excellent vegan wraps and sandwiches. The restaurant caters to those who are always on the move, providing them with fresh and filling options that are both nutritious and delicious.

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