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Airbnb listings only for the rich

This is an article ‘Airbnb listings only for the rich’ by Marc Pulisci

After a trying two-year season of the pandemic, the travel industry is beginning to pick up from where it left off back in 2019, and the many travel apps and platforms that cater to millions of globetrotters heading to bucket list destinations have a big hand in it. Airbnb offers everything from studio rentals to mysterious castles, or even a treehouse escape. While the majority of properties are reasonably priced, a few gems have price tags that will leave most travel enthusiasts speechless.

Currently, there are worries that some beach communities could quickly turn into "theme parks for the rich" due to a dramatic increase in the number of luxurious properties listed on Airbnb in the coastal areas of England and Wales. According to one study, there was a 56% increase in listed properties for rent in the coastal districts during the more significant part of the pandemic than there were in non-coastal locations, which only rose to 15%. As a result of the increase, there are now three times as many Airbnb listings per residence in coastal areas. Compared to listings in non-coastal regions, that number was only twice as many before the health crisis.

With the company reporting its most considerable quarter earnings ever, property owners have raised concerns about how some of those offering short-term rentals are experiencing lower bookings as the holiday season nears. The development is not mainly due to the fact that people are afraid to travel. Instead, the steep decline can be attributed to how more rich folks and property investors rent luxury listings for short-term stays via the platform. September figures for short-term rentals alone reported a massive 21% increase year-on-year, according to AirDNA.

With more travelers preferring luxurious places to rent out, here's a list of the most expensive bookings you can find via Airbnb:

Villa Victoria, France:

Estimated rate: $16,780.74 per night

In between the most well-known Les Canoubiers beach ports of Côte d'Azur, France, and the town of St. Tropez, there is a hidden paradise called Villa Victoria. Visitors here are welcomed in style as beautiful views of the French Riviera highlight their arrivals, usually via helicopter.

Listed as one of the most expensive Airbnbs in the world, Villa Victoria offers a private chef, a villa host, and a housekeeper as a part of even shorter stays. Visitors can relax in the privacy of its heated pool or the pool house, which has its own clean kitchen. After sundown, an inviting wine cellar makes for a perfect nightcap before retiring in any of the six well-appointed bedrooms.

Despite giving off a vibe of remoteness and solitude, the opulent hotel villa is still close to superyachts, restaurants, and shopping hot spots to keep visitors active with ample alternatives to enjoy throughout the day.

Carbon Beach, USA:

Estimated rate: $10,138.37 per night

In the heart of Los Angeles sits what many call the Billionaire's Beach. Carbon Beach offers some of the most expensive properties in the world, soundly nestled along Malibu's expansive shoreline, 21 miles long. Unlike properties in Malibu Colony, affluent properties frequently sit directly on the beach, with no seawalls obstructing the enchanting terrace views of the great body of water outside. Visitors perfectly grasp the rich LA lifestyle by simply strolling the sand while still getting that privilege of exclusivity – both in terms of how expensive one booking is and its lack of accessibility to the general public.

Furnished with modern art and décor, the beach's boutique hotel, called the Malibu Beach Inn, is amply housed with 47 rooms. Notable culinary brands, including Nobu, Giovanni's Bar Ristorante, and the Carbon Beach Club, serving Pacific and Mediterranean-inspired gourmet dishes and a fine selection of wines, are also within each guest's reach.

Villa Machiavelli, Italy

Estimated rate: $9,193.80 per night

Less than 30 minutes from Florence and a bit deeper into the Chianti Classico area in Italy, a legendary villa listed on Airbnb waits for those with money looking for an unforgettable stay. Tourists may opt to drive in or fly in and land on a private helipad. This luxury villa is perfect for exclusive parties of up to 16 people. It's also ideal if you want to relive 15th-century Renaissance luxury or hold a Tuscan wedding despite recently being fully renovated yet beautifully furnished.

What will capture the eye is the villa's rich collections of such classic beauty in history, art, and the unparalleled countryside setting that can create a captivating Instagram for anyone who visits. Add to its magic the panoramic Tuscan views of Florence's Duomo and its flourishing vineyards and olive groves.

The hotel houses ten suites with unique designs, complemented by a swimming pool and unusual sculpture gardens. Each villa offers a spacious kitchen, five bedrooms, a formal dining room, a large, opulent piano salon, plus a wonderful, fully-furnished frescoed patio. Each night's stay will definitely get your money's worth in this Michaelangelo-inspired property.

Estate Brisa, Mexico

Estimated rate: $8,900 per night

In Punta Mita, Mexico, a two-story, foyer-style estate that offers a grand view of the Pacific Ocean has enamored visitors for years. Its developers are seasoned luxury experts that know every inch of the most affluent destinations in the region, including Los Cabos and Punta Mita.

Estate Brisa has a sizable open-plan living area boasting lovely gardens, an infinity pool, a game room, a bar, a theater room, a spa, a yoga room, and a well-equipped gym. If that weren't enough, this plush Airbnb gem also features a private beach within the periphery of the well-known Kupuri Beach Club and the surrounding prestigious golf courses.

Every stay is tailor-fit to every guest's needs and preferences. From thorough pre-arrival arrangements down to the planning of activities and itineraries, the estate's on-site hosts, along with the guest's personal chef and butler, are ready at each beck and call. Most celebrities opt to book here because of their impeccable privacy and security, which goes well with its many wealthy houses. The favorites among Fortune 500 personalities are its stunning three-bedroom casitas and the grand nine-bedroom estates that are truly fit for a king.


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