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A Look at Mexico City’s Hostels

This is an article “A Look at Mexico City’s Hostels” by Marc Pulisci.

Currently, most states and even countries are on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we all shelter in place, there’s no reason why we can’t visit one of the best tourism spots in the world virtually at the moment.

Mexico City Hostels to Stay

Mexico City remains to be one of the most prominent gems in North America. Aside from its great sights and vibrant culture, most travelers enjoy cheap flights and low costs that can still result in a fun adventure. With marvelous temples, an enticing food scene, and historic museums, you can stretch your dollar even further by opting to stay in available hostels in many parts of the city once you get to travel again.

Compared to previous years, Mexico City’s hostels have become more luxurious offering guests great amenities and services than ever. Despite this, the rates are not that exorbitant with around $12 to $20 a night, with some coming with packaged tours, free breakfast, and lounges for socials with other tourists.

Considering factors like location, rates, amenities, and service, here’s my list of the three best hostels when visiting Mexico City.

Hostel Amigo Suites Downtown

If you’re down to party, this terrific hostel is the place to be with a rooftop terrace that lets you enjoy the sights and sounds of the city below and a hip bar that operates well until 5AM the next day. If you’re not a daysleeper, you can still enjoy bathing under the sun in the hostel’s solarium or enjoy some peace and solitude in one of the available hammocks. Three to four beds occupy dorm rooms and you get towels, a locker, and an en suite bathroom. If you want to go for a private suite, then spacious ones are available with twin single beds or doubles. As a plus, you also get to enjoy a free buffet spread of veggie delights during lunch and dinner hours.

Hostel Home

Known to locals as the pioneering hostel in Mexico City, Hostel Home sits in Roma district where Alfonso Cuarón’s award-winning movie was shot beautifully in black and white. Seeing the city in color makes it even better and no place there feels more like home than in this hostel. Decorated with colorful paintings and potted plants, the hostel offers tourists cozy beds with a locker and power socket. The entire venue has ample Wi-Fi signals and there’s a common area where you can meet other guests in. Fruits and eggs are the typical breakfast serving here but you can cook in the kitchen if you prefer something else. The staff are very helpful and can point you towards great sights around the city if you feel like wandering around. Nothing is more perfect than this hostel if you want to get that traditional Roma feels.

Casa Pepe

For grade-A hostel accommodations, this culturally infused boutique ranks as the most preferred among tourists. With a range of activities that include in-house performances, wrestling tours ala Nacho Libre, tequila feasts, and daily walking tours around the city, there’s never a dull moment if you’re planning to stay here for the long-term. You get clean rooms here with lockers, UDSB sockets, and even bed dorms that allow you to have your privacy with covered curtains. For relaxation, there’s always the rooftop pool to refresh and free breakfast of traditional dishes to enjoy.

Visiting Mexico City definitely has a lot to offer when you get the chance to travel again. In the meantime, it’s best to practice social distancing and shelter in place for now and as we all let this pandemic blow over. Keep yourselves safe all the time and see you around soon!

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