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Best Pampering Hotspots You'll Need to Try Soon

This is an article “Best Pampering Hotspots You'll Need to Try Soon” by Marc Pulisci.

No matter how ironic it may seem, now is the right time to relieve yourself of stress and take necessary precautions to avoid getting sick from the new coronavirus. With the many lockdowns happening around the world and quarantine guidelines still in place for the world’s citizens, stress levels are on the rise for most of us, with little or no chance at all to pamper ourselves.

Best Pampering Hotspots

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, with some states already relaxing their social distancing implementations, it should pretty much be safe to make a list of the well-deserved R&R we can try out sooner rather than later.

Since most of us have been holed up inside our shelters for a long time, here’s a simple guide of the best wellness retreats you could check out, once everything goes back to normal.

Amrit Ocean Resort, USA

In Singer Island, Florida, the Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences is set to open its doors early next year as it offers an integrated concept from both Eastern wellness practices and Western technology to achieve the peak of relaxation.

With 25 treatment rooms, a herbal spa restaurant, infusion lounges, and sound-light therapies on the menu, you’ll get a completely reinvigorating body makeover here more than anywhere else. By combining the fresh sea air, ancient treatments, and modern wellness science, this resort is maverick yet innovative in taking a multi-transformational approach to relieve mind, body, and spirit from stress.

Make sure to get this one on your list and be one of the first to try out their revolutionary wellness packages.

BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia

Reopening this October 1, BodyHoliday combines relaxation, beauty restoration, and worthwhile activities that will get your balance back in no time.

Settled in the peaceful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, you get everything here that spells wellness—from the healthy cuisine that each of the five in-house restaurants offers to stress management programs and body treatments courtesy of the expert therapists.

If you are looking for some good old peace and quiet, try their walking or bike tours that promise to reinvigorate your soul or do some T’ai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, or Zumba to keep the blood flowing great. But for some real heart-pumping action, BodyHoliday also offers scuba diving, tennis, and sailing activities for adrenaline junkies out there.

Eden Rop Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Voted by Trip Advisor as the Best Luxury Hotel in the Carribean this year, Eden Rop Cap Cana boasts 60 luxurious boutique villas that each house a private pool. Talk about sitting on the lap of luxury, all good things come at a price but your money is truly well-spent and worth the many wonderful sights and accommodation services that this resort offers. From sports activities to wonderful exclusives such as helicopter and jet excursions or calming ecological safaris, there are plenty of experiences to be had in this plush resort.

Try booking a wellness retreat in one of the newly opened Ocean Villas that will give you a spectacular view of the beachfront and clear waters, or indulge in the many delectable entries from the resort’s featured gourmet restaurants. There’s really no doubt that this Relais & Châteaux member hotel is one of the best wellness hotspots in the Dominican Republic.

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