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Cheaper Tourism Hotspots You Should Book This 2019

The following is an article “Cheaper Tourism Hotspots You Should Book This 2019” by Marc Pulisci.

If you are looking to explore budget-friendly destinations this year, look no further as I’ve listed several amazing holiday hotspots for the thrifty traveler. No need for you to review currency fluctuations, airline routes, or inexpensive accommodations as these have all been covered for you in this article.

Cheaper Tourism Hotspots

Now that those factors are out of the way, here are my top three destinations for budget-friendly vacations this 2019.

Sri Lanka

This small South Asian island country spells big in worthwhile activities for the adventurous backpacker. With wildlife safaris, climbing, and fantastic beaches, this hotspot also features visually delightful Hindu temples including the Muthumariamman, Seetha Amman, and Kokkadichcholai Sivan temples among others. Satisfy your gastronomical cravings with inexpensive food and beverage options offered in the streets hawker-style. Get your fill even for just $1.50 in your pocket. Accommodations range from $10 to $20 while many Airbnb alternatives are also available. Also, make sure to check out the gigantic Lion’ Rock ancient fortress and several national parks while there.


This South American sanctuary is considered to be one of the most economically-friendly launch points for cruises to Antarctica, but there are already plenty to explore within the country’s panoramic landscapes and architecture. Public transports are all over the country’s major areas and so are taxis, so be sure to visit the sights in Patagonia and Buenos Aires. If you are a nature enthusiast, then you’re in the right place as Argentina boasts neon blue glaciers, snow-covered mountain ranges, and barren stretches at the Northern Shores of Lago. Allot $4 to $6 for good eats and at least $17 a night for hostel accommodations.


If you are an anime fan of the film Spirited Away then you’ll surely enjoy a tour of Taiwan. Another small country with numerous sights and activities to indulge in, Taiwan is home to the mountain town of Jiufen which inspired the town in the animated film. Splurge in night markets and discover the grand temples of Kaohsiung, Longshan, and Dalongdong Baoan in Taipei. Travel by motorcycle, train, bus, or plane and sightsee ancient structures, geothermal panoramas, rainforest trails, and national parks. A decent meal will cost you only $3, and accommodations will range from $10 for hostel dorms to $16 for hotels. Check out Airbnb for more great options.

In visiting the most economical holiday trips this year, you might still want to sign up for travel rewards and flyer points, and check your flight details twice as this will prove to be the most expensive detail in your travel itinerary.

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