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Check Out These Holiday Light Displays Around the World

The following is an article “Check Out These Holiday Light Displays Around the World” by Marc Pulisci.

Now that the holidays are here once again, avid travelers might be wondering which of the many light displays all around the world are well worth booking a flight for. Combining new visual technologies with the magic of Christmas always brings out the joy out of the season, and seeing a million light bulbs illuminate the city is absolutely a sight worth traveling to for many who are looking to spread good tidings and cheer!

Holiday Light Displays Around the World

From giant Christmas trees to thousands of LED lights that take center attraction, these impressive displays will surely dazzle every member of the family.

Oxford Street, London

Certainly, one of the top cities in the world will not let itself be left out in the running for best Christmas light displays. Oxford Street’s West End in particular integrates great light decorations with the many terrific dining, entertainment, and shopping outlets that make the area famous. Marvel at the LED curtains that dress up the entire street like a real-life snow globe. Should you decide to celebrate the holidays here and are yet to complete your shopping, worry not as transportation is also convenient and the hustle and bustle of city Christmas is always alive and kicking.

Luci d’Arista, Salerno. Italy

Spending your Christmas nights on the streets and public square of Salerno can never be boring with a visual festival of lights and various Christmas activities that go on until January of the following year to always keep you busy and merry. This year’s theme is marine life featuring shells and sea creatures that seem to float around in the sky. Seriously, the light shows here are so spectacular you may not want to blink. To enjoy the sights in its entirety including the Piazza Portanova giant Christmas tree, ride the 60-meter panoramic ferris wheel in Piazza della Concordia.

Fête des Lumières, Lyon, France

In case you missed it, here’s what transpired at the annual 4-day Fête des Lumières in Lyon. Light displays made up of thousands of candles illuminated the Place de la République, with foot-high light flowers and visual projections at Saint-Paul station dazzling audiences and making the century-old tradition an absolute Christmas tourism hotspot for many. International designers flock yearly to Lyon for this town’s festival transforming its rich architecture, monuments, and riverbanks into a city of lights that will rouse your imagination. Also, if you missed it this year and are looking to book a staycation in 2020, spread the spirit of the season by joining the festival’s annual charity campaign.

Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania

A tree made up of lights is the centerpiece of this annual tradition at Cathedral Square. Considered to be the largest Christmas celebration in the country, this festival will let you experience five weeks of winter wonderland filled with great light shows including the Vilnius Christmas Train, 3D storytelling projected on the main wall of the cathedral, and spectacular fireworks display to complete the holiday sights that are definitely to behold. Make sure you visit the Christmas Town which is open until January next year and score great Christmas presents at the Cathedral Square.

Floating Christmas Tree, Rio De Janeiro

Last December 14, Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro once again lit up the skies with its annual Floating Christmas Tree in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas with over 200,000 visitors witnessing the spectacle highlighted by a 230-feet metallic tree of lights-- reported to be the tallest in the world. Fireworks and musical shows entertained attendees marking the start of the city’s Christmas revelry. Reports further say that nearly one million light bulbs were used to light up the giant tree that’s as tall as a 24-storey building. It’s never too late to spend Christmas this year in Rio De Janeiro as large-scale nativity scenes at Jardim de Alah also await tourists. The event has been observed since 1996 and has since drawn visitors from all over the world during the holiday season.

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