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Dream Jobs for Digital Nomads

The following is an article “Dream Jobs for Digital Nomads” by Marc Pulisci.

Imagine having the perfect tan and toiling away on your laptop while sipping on a refreshing tropical cocktail in paradise. That’s the kind of life most digital nomads long for and thanks to the magic of the internet, professionals can finally take off their ties, slip into their bathing suits, and bask in the glorious rays of the sun while casually beating a deadline.

Jobs for digital nomads

Freelancing is a word many professionals have embraced with great enthusiasm as there are now a lot of remote jobs one can do while on the road. Writers, designers, and even virtual assistants can do jobs wherever and whenever, making them more inclined to travel than the traditional pencil pusher stuck inside a tiny cubicle.

If you have no idea about how it is to become a digital nomad, then check out this list of dream jobs you can take anywhere on holiday, guilt-free, and often sun-kissed.

Day Trader

Those who know how to invest in stocks can go travel and work remotely these days when computer programs that present trends and forecasts are available online. Just make sure that you understand the whole process of day trading as it’s surely a complex one. Proficient day traders take on comprehensive courses just to be able to survive the stock market by reducing risks and understanding market volatility. Unlike what most people think, this is not really a shortcut that guarantees you’ll be rich in no time, if at all. However, day trading is a good way to earn extra cash and if you’re good at it, you can head over to your preferred holiday spot, chill, and invest at your own pace.

Lifestyle Blogger/Vlogger

Influencers on social media may seem like they are living the life on the lap of luxury but being a lifestyle blogger does entail a lot of work. As the job title suggests, you must be able to influence people through your content which means you have to be credible and well-versed on your chosen niche. If no one follows your blog, how else can you pay for that margarita you’ve just enjoyed at the bar? Whether you are writing about travel, food, or leisure, you’re going to have to establish your name and a following first before clients can invite you to their own holiday hotspots for a review, or sponsors who may want to place their products as ad intrusions in your video posts. On average, a travel blogger can earn up to $1,000 a month. Before you pack your bags, let that sink in because you won’t want to outspend what you earn from your job. After all, going on frequent holidays and eating great food is definitely expensive.

Freelance writer

There are certainly many job openings for freelance writers these days. With the birth of startups and digital marketers, the need for content writers is on the rise. Aside from these, there are also jobs for ghost writers, proofreaders, and editors that will allow you to telecommute with great flexibility. You can find most freelance writers in co-working spaces or at home in front of their workstations, but these digital nomads have the best opportunities when it comes to taking work while on vacation. With only deadlines to worry about, what’s best about traveling while writing is how beautiful scenery can squeeze out your creative juices or inspire you to churn out compelling content. Go online and check out sites like Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, or even Facebook community pages for freelancers to land some freelancing jobs.

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