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Exploring The Amazon River

The following is an article “Exploring The Amazon River” by Marc Pulisci.

A lot of movies have been made about or around the great Amazon rainforest and rightfully so. Aside from possessing the greatest river system of South America, thousands of endemic species call the Amazon home.

Exploring the Amazon River

It is a literal animal kingdom where flora and fauna flourish and taking a river adventure in its 4,000-mile stretch is truly not for the faint of heart. Should you decide to give this adventure a ‘go’, then it would be best to read on about the many things you can do to enjoy the ride.

White Water Rafting

Great waters cascading make for a breathtaking white water rafting exploration. Depending on your abilities and experience, journeys span from a day to more than three weeks into the Amazon River’s deep canyons, valleys, and rainforests. From there, you can take in the exhilarating nature and awe at the immense number of wildlife along the way. The Amazon River is home to more than 5,000 fish species. Just be sure to keep away of from such carnivores as the Arapaima gigas, Red-bellied Piranhas, and Electric Eel among others.

Wildlife Volunteer Work

There are quite a number of wildlife sanctuaries where you can volunteer in the Amazon. If you have basic knowledge in animals and have the heart to really help out in nursing the most exotic species to recovery, then volunteering will be a totally rewarding experience for you. Expert zoologists will always be there to help you and even take you on release programs where you can say goodbye to the animals you’ve helped bring back from their injuries back to the wild. If you are an animal lover, then make sure you sign up for this one.

Relax In Safety

If you are not so much of an adrenalin junkie and prefer to enjoy the Amazon sunset with wine in hand and in the comfort of a classy cabin, then by all means, go glamping. There are cabins made out of reclaimed materials where you can relax and stay safe from insects and wild animals. You also don’t have to worry about sanitation as these cabins are equipped with flush toilets, showers, and warm beds.

River Cruise

The Amazon River and Rio Negro allow hundreds of cruises to pass through its tributaries. You can explore the depths of the rainforest in and marvel at the rich marine species and wildlife by the riverbanks. There are options to go fishing, view gigantic water lilies, or visit the villages located by the riverside. Guides who know the river system by heart can also let you in on several interesting areas of the river depending on your taste for adventure.

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