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Guide To The Best Hiking Trails When In Hong Kong

The following is an article “Guide To The Best Hiking Trains When In Hong Kong” by Marc Pulisci.

Despite its reputation as a city of concrete and commerce, Hong Kong offers some of the best hiking trails in the Southeast Asian region. From countrysides that have walking trails to the most scenic locations on the island, to exhilarating peaks for the advanced hiker, here’s a guide to the best trails you’ll want to explore when in Hong Kong.

Hiking spots in Hong Kong

Dragon’s Back

For avid sightseers, Dragon’s Back is what most tourists regard as the best scenic trail in Hong Kong. Its winding path towards the mountain ridge leading to the peak offers a breathtaking southwest view of the shoreline. Within minutes of your hike, you’ll reach Shek O Beach on the east side. Walk a bit farther to capture and relax at Big Wave Beach. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, exploring Dragon’s Back is one trail you have to experience.

Sha Tin Pass Road to Kowloon Reservoir

Running just above Kowloon’s skyline, Sha Tin Pass Road gives a good vantage point of Victoria Harbour’s northern seascape. The hike passes via Lion Rock country Park traversing the Kowloon mountains and offering great views of the city lights below, and natural rock formations. You might also chance upon a troop of monkeys along the forest paths so don’t try to touch or feed them as they can be a bit aggressive. As long as you focus on the great sights that the trail offers, you’ll surely get one memorable hiking experience.

Peak Circle Walk

Another trail that will give you a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour is Peak Circle Walk at Peak Tower, which is one of the highest in the island. Its trail will lead you to Instagram-worthy scenery. Joggers may take Lugard Walk for a nature walk full of tall trees and fresh air. The trail leads back to the Peak through Harlech Road. Make sure you bring ample supply of water on the trail as there isn’t much available along the route.

High Junk Peak

High up at over 300 meters on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula is High Junk Peak. From here you can see the Sheung Sze Wan coastline. A treacherous trail also leads to Miu Tsai Tun hill for advanced hikers. Its summit offers a grand view of Clear Water Bay and the Pacific Ocean as well as the Ninepin Islands in the east. Be careful as you walk down a steep trek with irregular rock formations as the only way down. Should you decide to carry on down the trail, you’ll reach Po Toi O, which has a golf and country club for you to relax in.

The Peak to Lung Fu Shan Country Park

This hiking trail gives you a glimpse of Hong Kong’s colonial history with its rustic structures, including the Grade II Historic Building The Peak Lookout built over a century ago as a resting place and workshop for British engineers. Over at Hatton Road, another historical structure stands in the Pinewood Battery, a former military site and part of the Central and Western Heritage Trails. The trail strikes a marvelous balance of nature, ancient ruins, and Hong Kong’s urban landscape. The cool climate is certainly a plus.

Lantau Peak

On top of a hikers’ list when in Hong Kong is Lantau Peak mainly for its stunning sunrise. Located beside Sunset Peak, it is the second-highest peak in the island that boasts the magnificent Big Buddha. You’d probably want to begin your trek with a two-hour head start at around three in the morning to catch the breathtaking sunrise at the peak. Push your limits on the 70-kilometer trail, which takes a few days to complete in 12 stages. Visit from December to February to get the best views as the skies are clearer and the mist is thin.

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