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Honeymoon Ideas This June

The following is an article “Honeymoon Ideas This June” by Marc Primo.

Traditionally, most weddings are carried out during the month of June for a bride’s auspicious married life courtesy of the goddess Juno. After finally tying the knot, it’s now time to take the next step—the honeymoon. Regardless of whether you’re a couple who prefers the thrill of adventure or would rather kick back and chill out at some of the world’s most stunning beaches, there’s always the perfect place to spend your once in a lifetime holiday with your significant other mid-year.

Top honeymoon destinations

We know that most couples have already arranged their honeymoon during the wedding planning phase, but for those who are more spontaneous, here are some romantic and exciting destinations that can give you an unforgettable honeymoon.


Present your lifetime partner to the home of the gods in Santorini and explore its rich culture, astonishing beauty, and gastronomical delights. The dreamy white walls of every structure blend with the panoramic scenery of the Cerulean seas, making for postcard-perfect photos. Be mesmerized by the island’s crater bay as you view it from your private cave-like pool in Andronis. For dinner, indulge in the freshest meat from the sea from the many tavernas around the area. Small islands like the Folegandros will provide you and your better half with a dramatic setting filled with black cliffs and white sand. In the evening, take a walk into the Karavostasi village, one of the biggest beaches in Thesprotia, where you can relax in sun beds and enjoy drinks. If you’re both into peaceful landscapes that amplify romance, then Santorini is the place to be.


This year, the tourism spotlight for Latin American destinations shines bright on Colombia where the scenic Cartagena and the cowboy country of Llanos Orientales are located. Cartagena is situated at the northern coast facing the Caribbean comprising two tourism areas. Ciudad Amurallada is a walled colonial city that boasts fancy restaurants, posh hotels, and clubs. The other area, Bocagrande, is a long strip of towering hotels and residential condos that overlooks the beach. For couples who are into diamond in the rough destinations, Llanos Orientales presents perfect sunsets and the majestic rivers of Cano Cristales to set the romantic mood. The place also abounds with great Eastern country beef dishes to boot. Sit back and view local cowboys ride into the vast broad plains that stretch to what seems like infinity. Los Llanos also offers a fantastic culture that lets you enjoy local music as played by cowboys and cattle farmers. Make a memorable evening with your loved one as you listen to the soothing rhythms of the harp, maracas, and cuartro guitar as they perform the traditional jaropo.


In Italy, the perfect honeymoon spot would be in Puglia where some of the country’s most luxurious beaches are. The Borgo Egnazia resort will welcome you both with bougainvillea and jasmine scattered and abundant everywhere you go. The resort is peaceful and elegant and provides a perfect vantage point of the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy a round of golf during the day and take a dip in saltwater pools to relax in the evening. When in search for the region’s best delicacies, make your way to Lido Bosco Verde in Ostuni, where you can enjoy fresh seafood, pasta, and an array of Mediterranean specialties, plus a wide selection of cocktails to mark the occasion.

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