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How Not to Gain Weight While on a Gastronomical Holiday

The following is an article “How Not to Gain Weight While on a Gastronomical Holiday” by Marc Pulisci.

For most people, returning to a favorite vacation spot is not only motivated by a great experience, great people, and spectacular surroundings. Sometimes we return because of the sumptuous fare of good food that could only be found in that region. Nothing compares to authentic dishes and hundreds of tourists have already gone to great lengths to get a taste of endemic dishes. The only problem is we often tend to indulge and forget about our waistlines during the holidays and shedding off the pounds when you get home is no easy feat.

Not to Gain Weight While on a Gastronomical Holiday

No need to regret that plate of delicious pasta you devoured last night. Holidays are meant for your relaxation and enjoyment so here are the top three tips that will prove that it’s possible to go on a gastronomical adventure without having to worry about the bulge.

Drink enough water

When basking in the sun, make sure that you are well hydrated to avoid the risk of overheating. Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go especially on holiday destinations that are always hot such as the Canary Islands, Dominican Republic, or Goa in India. I’m sure you’ve already heard it a thousand times but drinking enough water is essential as most of us are made up of the stuff. Hunger is masked frequently by dehydration so having your fill of H20 can curb your hunger for longer.

Keep moving

Being on holiday is one of the best ways you can finally use your pedometer app in your phone. Set your app to a healthy target and try walking in the morning as you sightsee instead of riding cabs or trains. This way, you can take in the beautiful scenery around you while burning calories from last night’s dinner. When out in the evening, try to go dancing with friends and get good cardio after enjoying plates of your favorites earlier in the day.

Snack on healthy bites

While you are out and about during your trip, it’s very easy to have hunger pangs and cravings so pack some healthy snacks along with your bottle of water to avoid giving in to the temptation of hawker food. Some good and healthy ones that can fit your bag are guilt-free organic superfood bars, almonds, or bananas. Eating lesser quantities more frequently rather than taking in three full meals a day can also boost your metabolism and help you burn calories faster. Try to turn it into a daily practice to have a much lighter feeling throughout the day.

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