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How To Enjoy Long Haul Flights

The following is an article “How To Enjoy Long Haul Flights” by Marc Pulisci.

For many of us, traveling the world is possibly one of the most soul-enriching activities we will experience in this lifetime. However, the thrill of an upcoming vacation to a far and distant land can sometimes be dampened by the prospect of sitting in a pressurised aircraft cabin for hours on end.

How to enjoy a long haul flight

It’s half the fun

Reasons to dread plane rides, especially long haul flights four hours and up, vary from person to person. Fear of heights, claustrophobia, and plain boredom are just some of the commonly cited examples of both first time flyers and world traveling jet setters who enjoy visiting other countries but prefer to keep their feet on the ground. And unless you have the luxury of time for intercontinental travel by land or by sea, learning to conquer your fear of flying is the logical thing to do.

Make time fly too

The following are suggestions on how to best while away the hours as you cross multiple time zones at 35,000 feet, so that not only will you enjoy the journey, but also arrive at your destination as fresh as the proverbial daisy:

Sit back and relax

When you’re airborne for what might feel like an eternity, take advantage of this rare opportunity to disconnect from the real world, leave your troubles behind, and enjoy some quality “me time”. Pack your favorite comfort food in your carry-on luggage, ask the flight attendant to serve you a drink, and savor the moment. Once you’re done doing that, who doesn’t enjoy a power nap after a satisfying meal?

Entertain yourself

If your long haul flight happens to be a daytime one, your body clock might make catching some Zs a bit tricky. Instead, use those waking hours up in the air to keep abreast with the latest inflight movies and television shows—a standard feature in most airlines serving transcontinental routes. Long flights are also a godsend for bookworms, who can catch up with their reading uninterrupted while high above the clouds.

Be productive

For some, the relative solitude of being on a plane without the distractions of the outside world make for a perfect work environment. Whether you choose to be productive by replying to e-mails or getting that report out of the way, most of today’s aircraft are equipped with inflight WiFi and power outlets for all kinds of laptops and smartphones.

Mingle all the way

If you are the sociable type and sense that your seat mate might be the same, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with striking up a conversation with them. In fact, what you talk about is already pretty much cut out for you. The mere fact that you are on the same plane, traveling from the same city to another already gives you three things in common.

Shop in the sky

When all else fails, retail therapy is as enjoyable up in the clouds as it is at your favorite mall. Most leading airlines carry a wide range of international brands that the cabin crew will be happy to assist you with. Best part is, it’s duty free!

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