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How to Make Your Room a Staycation Destination

This is an article “How to Make Your Room a Staycation Destination” by Marc Pulisci.

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out early this year and shattered every plan we had for a holiday. Worst, it forced most of us to stay home and quarantine ourselves in seclusion. As the new normal sets in, people started taking on new indoor adventures to keep their sanity in check. One such adventure you can get yourself busy with is by working on that long overdue makeover that turns your room into a worthy staycation suite.

Make Your Room a Staycation Destination

If you are among the travel enthusiasts who are missing those hotel feels, you can absolutely enjoy some class right at home, even on a budget.

Here are some tips that will get you started on your room makeover adventure!

Consider space

When redesigning your room, space is always the first thing you’d want to look into before anything else. Go online for great pegs that can help you plan how you'd want to utilize every square inch of your room’s space, more efficiently and for less.

List down things you’d like to do inside your room then plan everything else from there. If there’s not enough space, don’t squeeze everything inside the room unless you’re going to build yourself a maze. It’ll be much easier to simply cross out other furnishings you can do without so you won’t have to purchase excess items. In turn, you not only save space, but money in your wallet as well!

Go for ambient light

It’s important to learn how to work with both natural and artificial light when redesigning your room. The most common ways hotel rooms set up their lighting is via a three-way switch placed by the room’s entrance so you can control your main light, bedside lamps, and accent lights when you walk in and out the door.

Get yourself some of those automatic lights that turn on when you open your closet doors, or some self-installed LED lights that will serve as accent lighting when you read that bestseller at night. If you have a bathroom inside your room, use warm lights which you can control individually via a dimmer switch to complement your makeup mirror. On wide yet bare walls, install wall sconces as a comforting night light.

When it comes to natural light, study how the daytime sun shines through the windows, and choose the right shade of drapes and inner silhouette curtains that will allow you to control the amount of light that goes in throughout the day.

Choose flexible furnishings

Now that you’ve figured out space allowances and ambient lighting, choose which furnishings go into the whole design process. Keep in mind that even if you are going for a hotel room look, it’s always important to consider the flexibility of the items you surround yourself with inside the room.

Go for multi-use items like a pivoting desk, which allows you to switch from doing some work on the desk to watching television during work breaks. Get stylish wooden chests which you can use as storage compartments at the foot of the bed, or a chaise lounge if you still have the space for it.

Placing functional yet ‘pleasing to the eye’ furniture is always a good idea when you’re going for a spacious and simple look.

Make your bed the central attraction

Another important thing you’ll want to focus on when redesigning the bedroom is your centerpiece—the bed.

Look for something that fits snuggly at the center of your room without taking up too much space. Check if you’d prefer a dust skirt over a bedspread, and definitely buy a pillow top to add more comfort to your sleep.

For throw pillows and blankets, choose the right colors that will complement your beddings. Don’t make it too colorful that it becomes more of an eyesore than a warm bed to sleep in. Simply stick with a palette of matching solid colors that go well with your room’s interior hues for a more relaxing and inviting look.

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