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How to Plan for Your Next Trip

This is an article “How to Plan for Your Next Trip” by Marc Primo Pulisci.

Now that most countries are encouraging the practice of social distancing and global travel bans are emerging due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this may be the most opportune time to plan ahead for your next trip. Most people are waiving their holiday plans but that doesn’t mean that your life as a nomad has to end.

Plan for Your Next Trip

One thing to consider though is how the pandemic has affected economic and tourism numbers so far. Italy, China, El Salvador, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, and New Zealand are among the countries currently on lockdown with many more expected to follow. The situation also continues to threaten millions of tourism jobs considering that more flights are being canceled everywhere. Hopefully, worldwide tourism will be able to pick up immediately and get back on track when everywhere is declared safe for travel.

Meanwhile, while travel bans are being imposed, here are some tips to help you plan your next trip the moment all the smoke clears up.

Select a destination

Just as how you would set your GPS before driving, picking out a destination is the first thing you’d want to do when planning for a trip. It sets all your succeeding goals and gives you a sneak peek to what you could expect when you go on holiday. Identifying a location prompts your commitment to your trip and enables you to iron out the details more efficiently. From here you can book accommodations, calculate projected costs, and choose tours that best fit your budget. Consider what you need when you travel to your selected destination such as connectivity, ease of transport, bank availability, and if there might be any language barrier problems. That way, you won’t have to worry about even the most trivial things upon getting there.

Decide how long your staycation will be

This is important when considering your holiday budget as you’ll have to save up before boarding a plane to a strange new location for more than a day. By calculating your daily costs for meals, transportation, and other such necessities, you can avoid making excessive payments for goods that are exclusively priced for tourism purposes (those that are quite pricier than its actual cost). Make sure you always prepare contingency money (in your destination’s local currency) to put in your pocket so you won’t face the struggle of looking for a nearby ATM machine in the heart of the unfamiliar territory.

Check for Deals

One good way to minimize expenses is to check for last-minute deals online which are way cheaper than traditional ones. This might also come as a factor when picking out your destination as some off-peak prices can still be enticing than in-season hotspots. Some dealers offer up to 70% in discounts on packaged holiday tours and it helps if you remain flexible on dates and location preferences.

Make an itinerary

Most importantly, create a travel itinerary that will help you maximize every single second while you are on holiday. List down your planned major activities and how much they will cost you and prioritize which landmarks or vacation spots you plan on seeing so you won’t miss anything due to conflicting schedules. Leave room for adjustments for when something catches your eye while on holiday and you have to take some time for side trips. Book ahead on hotels and tours so you can plot your itinerary properly. It’s common practice to book in advance for short trips while you may book while on holiday if you are going to stay for the long term. Lastly, be wary of local dates and holidays as they might also hinder your plans if you don’t prepare for them.

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