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Landmarks To Visit Before You Die

The following is an article “Landmarks To Visit Before You Die” by Marc Pulisci.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”, goes the age-old quote that is as true today as it was when first written.

Best landmarks to visit

Here is a list of five random landmarks that each exude their unique brand of charm, but share the same crowd-drawing power due to the sheer beauty of its aesthetics or edifying soul food that it provides:

1. Tower of London

This medieval marvel situated in the center of England’s capital had its first incarnation as a castle almost a thousand years ago. Since then, it has gone through multiple reincarnations, most notably as a royal palace, an impenetrable fortress, and, a torture chamber replete with guillotines. Today, this landmark is also packed with un-horrific things to do, like view the Crown Jewels or simply observe fabled ravens of legend continue to descend on the property grounds.

2. Sydney Opera House

Arguably tied in first place with the kangaroo and koala as Australia’s most recognizable icon, the Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of design and architecture. Sculpted by then unknown Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1957, the opera house was a welcome addition to the picturesque Sydney Harbour and commanding Harbour Bridge. More than just a venue for the performing arts, world icons like Pope John Paul II and Nelson Mandela have delivered speeches at the Sydney Opera House—itself a 20th century icon in its own right.

3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is widely considered to be the most powerful waterfall in North America. When you visit, the place will speak for itself. The thundering sound of falling rapids from raging rivers in both the U.S. and Canada as they converge in Niagara Falls is truly a majestic sensory experience unlike any other. Older pop culture fans will remember scenes from 1980’s Superman II starring the late Christopher Reeve in the title role, soaring over Maid of the Mist tour vessels cruising Niagara River below, which still operate to this day.

4. Petra

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urban Amman in Jordan, but still only a short drive away, might just be the most breathtaking landscape you will ever lay eyes on. An archaeological city built by Nabataean tribes as far back as 300BC, petra is the Latin word for rock. The highlight and most famous temple in Petra, known as ‘The Treasury’, is revered for its elaborate, awe-inspiring aesthetic carved out of a sandstone cliff. That such a feat was achieved using primitive tools of that era will leave you in complete and utter wonder.

5. Fushimi Inara

Chances are you’ve seen photos of what appears to be a winding orange and black corridor, composed of seemingly endless rows of individual temples. You’d be forgiven for assuming it was some sort of modern street art exhibit in Tokyo. Far from being an example of neo-expressionism, it is in fact a Shinto shrine in Kyoto, hundreds of miles away from Japan’s delightfully quirky capital, and built around 500 years ago. Forget ‘orange is the new black’; Fushimi Inara was way ahead of its time, and had both colors.

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