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A Thrillseeker’s Guide to the Most Haunted Hotels in the World

The following is an article “A Thrillseeker’s Guide to the Most Haunted Hotels in the World” by Marc Pulisci.

Horror films and travel have one thing in common: they are both popular among today’s younger generation. In fact, twenty seven percent of audiences who are younger than the overall moviegoing public prefers paranormal movies, and those aged 24 to 35 travel the most. Given these numbers, chances are you’re one of the many who mixes fun with fright while on holiday.

Scariest hotel in the world

From capturing spine-tingling apparitions to hearing disembodied voices whispering out of pitch black darkness, there are numerous accounts of paranormal events in some of the most haunted hotels in the world.

If you’re ready with your dowsing rods, flashlights, and Ouija boards, take a tour of these four infamous hotels that are guaranteed to give you some sleepless nights.

Stanley Hotel

One of the most iconic haunted hotels in the world is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, which is the subject of Stephen King’s The Shining. But aside from how the novel brought notoriety to the hotel, there are plenty of horror stories for visitors to immerse in while visiting this eerie destination. Built in 1909, the Stanley Hotel first reported harrowing paranormal activity during the seventies. Paranormal investigators have tried to communicate with the ghosts of F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora from beyond the grave with success in the hotel’s billiards and music rooms. Guests have also captured ghostly figures in photos of a young girl and a woman in black on the hotel lobby staircase. Join the hotel’s nightly tours, talk to on-site psychics, and go inside The Shining tree maze if you are on a mission to get major goosebumps.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

What once was a grand ballroom for luxurious events, the 18th century hotel was later turned into an orphanage, medical ward, and convent for the Sisters of Holy Family. Tragedy struck in the late 1800s as yellow fever claimed the lives of many children whose tormented spirits still roam the halls of the hotel today. Spectral apparitions of nuns and dancing women are also said to appear inside the majestic ballroom. Booking a night at this hotel will both be luxurious and mysterious. Make sure you sign up for a Ghost & Spirits Walking Tour during your stay and get yourself ready for a brush with the dead.

Emily Morgan Hotel

Upon entering this 177-room hotel, you’re sure to immediately feel the unnerving presence that lurks behind its walls. While it is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in San Antonio, Texas, it is also known as one of the most haunted in the world. Guests hear inexplicable noises, see ghostlike silhouettes, and experience bizarre touches at the seventh, ninth, and fourteenth floors, as well as in the basement. These floors are said to have served as a psychiatric ward and morgue in 1926. The hotel’s elevators are also reported to have minds of their own, skipping intended floors and ferrying you down to the sinister halls in the basement. While visiting, make your way to the Oro Restaurant and Bar for some psychic palm readings every Thursday.

Langham Hotel

Built in 1865, this historic luxury hotel is frequented by prominent guests and as legend has it, several supernatural entities. Among the reported apparitions are the ghosts of a prince, a soldier, and a doctor who killed his wife while on honeymoon. The building exudes a certain paranormal energy that’s sure to keep you unsettled. Book an overnight stay at Room 333, which many consider as the most haunted hotel room in the world and where the grisly honeymoon tragedy occurred. Other reported sightings in the hotel include a man with a gaping wound across his face, a butler, and Emperor Napoleon III himself. Hunt these ghosts at your own risk but do enjoy the hotel’s many superior amenities including an exclusive club, spa facilities, a pool, and sauna while you’re at it.

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