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Most Improved Airlines

The following is an article “Most Improved Airlines” by Marc Pulisci.

“Getting there is half the fun,” or so the old saying goes. When it comes to air travel, ‘fun’ should be the least of your worries. Comfort, service, and most importantly, safety, are just some of the considerations every diligent traveler must make before boarding each flight and taking to the skies.

Most improved airlines

Beat the best to be the best

As every jet setter knows, there are some airlines that check all the boxes. Whether its Singapore Airlines, Emirates, or Qantas, these carriers have succeeded in building a name and reputation for themselves that make them top of mind for most travelers. Not only do they have good safety records, they also provide great service, innovations in comfort, and quality entertainment—all of which add up to FUN.

But with the consumer experience being as important as safety to the aviation industry today than ever before, it has created an opportunity for lesser-appreciated airlines to step up their game and rise to the challenge of competing with the world’s best.

2018’s most improved airlines

The following are the world’s most improved airlines in 2018, based on the Skytrax World Airline Awards, which reflects an airline's change in global ratings and performance improvements in different award categories:

1. China Southern Airlines

2. Philippine Airlines

3. Fiji Airways

4. Ryanair

5. Japan Airlines

6. Air Mauritius

7. Malaysia Airlines

8. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

9. Aeroflot

10. RwandAir

According to Skytrax, these results were based on a global passenger satisfaction survey wherein over 100 customer nationalities participated for the period 2017-2018. Travelers around the world take part each year to decide the winners, with 20.36 million eligible survey entries counted in this year’s results.

So what exactly makes China Southern Airlines the most improved airline in 2018?

Safety first, service second

As mentioned earlier, service is arguably the second most important factor passengers look for in an airline after safety. That said, China Southern Airlines managed to hit two birds with one stone by offering its second daily flight between its hub in Guangzhou and London’s Heathrow Airport utilizing one of today’s most advanced and innovative aircrafts—the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

While such a move might sound like it would benefit only those plying that particular leg, there is a bigger picture with the addition of a second daily departure serving a route as popular as the intercontinental Guangzhou-London one which offers passengers, especially tourists and business travelers, lower transfer times to their network of over 120 destinations in China, Japan & Korea, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Add to that the experience of flying on China Southern Airlines’ Dreamliner, whose state-of-the-art features include extra-large electronically controlled windows that allow you to continue enjoying the view outside even in fully dark mode, scene-variable lighting that brings the illusion of blue sky and natural light into the cabin, and first and business class seats that recline 180 degrees to lie-flat as standard, and there you have a perfect example of what travelers look for in an airline to consider it the most improved in 2018.

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