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Pen and Paper Travels: Documenting Your Explorations

The following is an article “Pen and Paper Travels: Documenting Your Explorations” by Marc Pulisci.

Travel blogging is one of the most fulfilling jobs you could choose, but it can also be an extremely demanding one. Aside from the costly and tiring process of constantly going from one destination to another, your writing and photography skills must always be on form in order to engage your readers on the journeys you’ve taken. The joy in documenting your travels lies in your creativity and storytelling using words and pictures.

Travel blogging tips

Writing about your travels is a subjective task. You need to experience the highs and lows of your adventures before putting them down on paper. Every travel writer acquires certain techniques on how to capture the perfect description of a place, its people, and the overall experience.

Here are some tips on how you can develop your own approach to travel blogging:


Effective writers are good readers and skimming through your books and magazines will allow you to discover more places on the map and how to paint them with words. Pick your authors and choose the styles that you can apply in your own writing. Brush up on a destination before you pack your bags and board a plane. Knowing about your trip beforehand gives you an overview of what to expect and allows you to plan which areas of the locale you want to explore ahead of time.


Every destination offers something unique which you could share with your readers. Find that unique angle and let it be your main topic. Try to draw subtopics from your angle and share fresh information with your readers. Simply put, try as much as possible to make your article stand out from other blogs about that destination. Be adventurous when you explore a new place and taking captivating snapshots. Meet long-time residents who have interesting stories and discover new things about old places. You can then develop these interesting details into a good read.


The main objective of traveling for pleasure is to experience new things, and you can’t write a good travel article if you aren’t able to capture its essence while you are there. Don’t make things up if you haven’t really experienced what the place has to offer. Readers hate it when they sense far-fetched or exaggerated accounts of a trip. Instead, engage them by being their guide on what to expect if they do decide to go. Describe in detail how you get from A to B, how much your meals cost, or how diverse the culture is. Weave a sequential story about your experiences to keep your readers invested from beginning to end.


Sometimes, readers have fantasies about a place that don’t measure up to the real thing. Travel bloggers draw the line between reality and expectations by telling the truth about the locations they visit. Critique your thoughts by reading other travelogues and comparing other writers’ perspectives with your own. Adding some quotes from the people you’ve met on your journey can also validate your observations about the place. Place scenic photos in your article without using too many filters to the point that it looks unrecognizable. Beautiful photos of interesting attractions shouldn’t require a filter to begin with.


When writing an account of your travels, much of your writeup will contain adjectives. These are the essentials of your content because they allow your readers to empathize and discover things through your perspective. Choosing the right adjectives can make or break your credibility, so make sure you use appropriate words when describing your trip. Always remember that a good travel article lets your readers smell the air, see the sights, and take in the culture in the comfort of their home.

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