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Post COVID-19 Destinations You Should Soon Put in Your Travel Plans

This is an article “Post COVID-19 Destinations You Should Soon Put in Your Travel Plans” by Marc Pulisci.

No matter what the near future brings, jet setters will always fan the flame of hope for travel even in the latter part of the year. COVID-19 has already restricted most of our normal routines and pleasures for nearly three quarters of 2020, and staying put in one place has become quite unbearable for many. Given that most leading experts are already working on a strict time frame to deliver the new coronavirus vaccine before the year ends, it’s a good idea to plan your travel itinerary now and avoid the influx of bookings that’s sure to sprout when everyone emerges from their quarantine shell.

Post COVID-19 Destinations

If you’re a certified travel enthusiast, there’s no question that you’re itching to board a plane once restrictions to other countries for a holiday have been lifted. Some things we can expect when that happens are more stringent health and security measures, large crowds, and probably higher rates on everything.

To get your money’s worth, we’ve listed a couple of the best places to visit for a holiday once COVID-19 is under control.


If you are looking for a great adventure that’s filled with color and great architecture, Uzbekistan is the right travel hotspot for you. This gem of the silk road boasts ancient patterned structures made of turquoise domes that offer a beautiful contrast from the territory’s luscious green mountain sides and vast golden desserts.

Oh, did I mention the people? After all this social distancing, Uzbekistan’s warm and friendly locals are certainly the type you’d want to mingle with. It’s easy to feel at home in this scenic country with all its convenient transportation and very affordable products, it sure is high time travelers finally pay a visit.


Many already know the treasure trove of tropical holiday spots that the Philippines offers with over 7,100 islands that there’s really no reason why one shouldn’t explore them. From Siargao, or what many call the most beautiful surf spot in all of Asia, to El Nido, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this country is rich with captivating landscapes, hospitable locals, and fantastic food!

Go island-hopping even on off-peak months and simply enjoy the visual spectacle that each destination offers. Travel is easy (sans COVID-19, of course) and you can explore so much without breaking the bank.

Petra, Jordan

This UNESCO World Heritage Site will definitely give you one of the best travel experiences of your life! From its rocky deserts to well-reserved architecture made out of rose-colored stones, the lost city of Petra holds more undiscovered mysteries that truly makes it deserving of its title as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Try to visit during spring or autumn for smaller crowds and lower temperatures. Nearby five-star hotel accommodations are also available in this ancient city, but if you really want to immerse yourself in all of its beauty, then rent a luxury tent that offers easy access to the Great Outdoors.

Lisbon, Portugal

Let’s head on over to Europe and visit one of its most spectacular cities, Lisbon, which offers romantic sights of ruins that overlook the city and imposing old buildings with glazed azulejo tiles all around. It is truly Europe’s version of San Francisco in how its hills and majestic bridges harmonize the natural from the manmade. At Sintra, there’s a national park where one can marvel at fairytale castles that makes for perfect quality time with your better half.

You can travel from Sintra to nearby Cascais by car or via day trips where you can relax in its sandy beaches and enjoy the sights that the busy sea marina offers.

By January, fingers crossed, the international travel industry will be back on its feet and we nomads can finally go away on holiday and see the beauty of our lives from fresh perspectives. Until then, stay safe!

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