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Saving Money on Accommodations

This is an article “Saving Money on Accommodations” by Marc Pulisci.

Wherever you go on holiday around the world, you’re bound to chance upon some cheap, or even free, accommodations a few times. Most people just don’t know where to look but it’s time we debunk the myth that travel is costly mostly because of the expensive hotel accommodations that come with it.

Saving Money on Accommodations

Looking for suitable accommodations is actually one of the surefire ways you can save money while on a holiday. Bear in mind that traveling the world is not exclusive to the wealthy and many backpackers are already mastering the ways of circumnavigating the world on a tight budget. You can scout the web for hundreds of useful tips to save money while on holiday but to spare you the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of great staycation accommodation options that won’t leave a dent on your wallet.

Check out local guest houses

When on holiday, look for guest house accommodations or budget hotels that can give you comfort for the right value. You won’t always need room service more than a clean private room after all plus you get to decide where to get breakfast the next day. All over the world’s most visited destinations, there are many cheap guest houses available for you to choose from.

You may also chance upon some locals who are willing to take in guests in their own homes for some social interaction. This is now possible through community-based tourism programs which are very prevalent in rural destinations. If immersing in a different way of life is your thing then this option is the one for you.

Look for fine hostels

For around $5 to $30 a night, you can find plenty of budget backpacker hostels everywhere. That is if you don’t mind sharing rooms or bathrooms with other travelers for lower costs. Most hostels offer bunk beds that can accommodate four to ten people in one room and provide lockers for your personal effects. So if you are the sociable type, booking a stay in a hostel can be very enjoyable as you get to meet other travelers from other parts of the world. Most of the available hostels in premier tourism spots have lounges where you can interact with your co-backpackers and even hold special events that aim to foster a friendlier atmosphere. If you’re an introvert, there are also some hostels that offer private rooms. Don’t worry as these won’t lure you away from the vibe of the local social scene and you’ll still get to enjoy what the destination has to offer.

Book via Airbnb

Similar to community-based tourism, Airbnb has made millions of connections between homeowners and guests all over the world for years. There are plenty of great accommodation alternatives when you type in destinations on the app and you get to see what other guests have to say about their stays. The best part is that you get to choose your kind of atmosphere that will suit your budget. Make sure you know proper guest etiquette though as homeowners will likewise review your behavior as their guest. If you’re a frequent traveler, you better know the app inside out as you can save more money with offered discounts, early-bird bookings, or split costs with your friends.

Or via Trivago

We bet you’ve seen those Trivago commercials on TV and wonder what the real deal is about this wonderful travel portal. For those new to the digital age, Trivago is a metasearch tool that provides you with the best travel deals in seconds. If you can’t shake the urge to stay in well-appointed hotels while on travel, then you better check this one out as it can give you the best prices, review scores, list of amenities, and map of your desired hotel. All with a few simple taps on your mobile phone. Booking via Trivago gives you the ultimate list of discounts you can avail online when it comes to hotel accommodations. However, unlike similar portals as Expedia (which owns Trivago), and, Trivago won’t offer you rewards each time you book a stay. Nevertheless, it can provide you with a wide array of options that can truly save you big bucks rather than just walking into a hotel lobby and checking the current rack rates.

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