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Say Goodbye to Expensive LDRs

The following is an article “Say Goodbye to Expensive LDRs” by Marc Pulisci.

Being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) is difficult and can be quite expensive, but staying committed to your loved one no matter what is truly rewarding. Not minding the challenges like erratic chat schedules, adjusting to multiple time zones, seeing your friends with their significant others, or having to deal with naysayers about LDRs are the easy parts. What can sometimes be the most difficult aspect to deal with in such a set up is the financial burden that comes with it.

Goodbye to long-distance relationships

Sparing no expense for your loved one is always worth it, but you may sometimes find yourself strapped for cash. The periodic trips to see each other can take a toll on your credit card and the more the miles you’re apart, the more bucks you have to part with. No need to worry as there are some things you can do to manage your LDR budget.

Try these simple steps that can help you lessen your spending:

Plan early

If you and your partner have a date in mind for when you can finally spend time together, planning ahead saves you both time and money. At least two months is enough to take care of everything from booking accommodations to arranging getaways. Make sure that you’re both fine with the schedule, the location, and the number of days you’re going to spend together. Book reservations by going online and availing of early bird offers for accommodations or flights. Try to avoid a weekend flight or international holidays as more people fly during those times and fares skyrocket. You may grow anxious at how long you have to wait to see your partner, but it becomes all the more rewarding when the big day arrives and you know that you have everything prepared for your reunion.

Mind your paid leaves

While planning a trip may take you at least two months, plotting when to take a paid leave from work may require a whole year in advance. This may seem easy for some, but you have to take into consideration how your colleagues may be planning to take their leaves the same time you are. Ask your boss way ahead of time so that he can mark his calendar early for your vacation. Allot more leave days than those you’re planning to spend with your partner on vacation. You might suddenly get the urge to extend your stay or simply miss a flight back.

Talk money

Unless you have saved up for it and are willing to shoulder all expenses, try to talk to your partner about expenses. Remember that you are both in this project together and splitting the bill makes everything easier to plan, and it teaches you both how to compromise. Avoid unnecessary arguments and be honest about what you want and how much you are willing to spend. This way, you can manage your partner’s expectations and adjust your budget according to your itinerary.

Get free miles

You can save a whole lot of money by availing of your free miles. Since you’re in an LDR, chances are you’ve earned enough to help you curb the costs on airfare. You can avail of an airline credit card and calculate what you earn from purchased tickets. You can get a huge discount or better yet, a free international flight to your loved one using you frequent flyer miles. Just make sure you stay loyal to an airline that both you and your partner prefer. This way, you not only share memories together, but free miles as well.

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