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Ski Away in Samoens, France’s Dreamy Alps

The following is an article “Ski Away in Samoens, France’s Dreamy Alps” by Marc Pulisci.

Skiing enthusiasts bring out their gears when the holiday season comes along every year. For many, France’s Samoens ski resort-village is one of the best destinations for December with its old-fashioned ambience and medieval stone houses that make it perfect in every aspect.

Ski Away in Samoens

Why Samoens?

This dreamy ski resort is nestled in the center of the Savoie Mont Blanc, which is only a 90-minute drive away from Geneva airport. It has five interconnecting resorts namely Samoëns, Flaine, Morillon, Sixt and Les Carroz. While there are other popular skiing resorts in the area such as the Les Trois Vallees, Samoens presents tourists with a one-of-a-kind factor that keeps them coming back year after year-- a rich heritage.

Dating back to 6 A.D., this historical skiing destination may treat most of its guests to great runs that are both safe and challenging. However, it really doesn’t take a pair of skis to really take in the beautiful surroundings that the resort offers. Guests can marvel at the Big Linden Tree which is over 500 years old or hike at the Le Grand Massif trails that are only a few minutes away. Samoens is also home to the “Mourmé” or local stonecutters from the Middle Ages with its ancestral town’s streets and stone houses that tell stories of old which any tourist will surely appreciate.

Ski Heaven

Nearby Le Grand Massif, one of the biggest ski areas in France sits with 265 kilometers of pistes across its five resorts. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the resorts offer excellent runs with challenging slopes for any level. This ski heaven is also home to the notorious Combe de Gers run and its 800-meter steep that gives professional skiers a great rush in tremendous speeds.

For casual skiing, La Marvel piste is five kilometers of great sightseeing opportunities for snowy forests and a less challenging run. Le Grand Massif also features the 14-kilometer La Piste Des Cascades that goes through the resort’s untouched wildlife and inline trees.

After skiing, treat you and your loved ones to Flaine village for some fine street art, ski sculptures, and Bauhaus architecture by the celebrated Marcel Breuer. You will never run out of things to marvel at when at Flaine so do make sure you spare some time to visit the village when in Samoens.

Hotels and dining in Samoens

Even during the peak seasons, tourists won’t have to worry about not having a place to stay as they experience the winter wonders of Samoens. With seven hotels and eight residences, chances are very likely that you’ll get a booking anytime. Among the hotels within the vicinity are the three-star chalet-type Residence Grand Massif-Vacanceole in Le Canton; the cozy and winter-appropriate four-star Neige et Roc Hotel in Grande Rue; and the two-star hotel-restaurant La Boule de Neige in Chemin des Bollus which all register great reviews in TripAdvisor.

For mouthwatering food and drinks, Samoens will not fail France’s reputation of offering some of the best restaurants in the world. At the peak of the Grand Massif Express cable-car is the Au Pre d’Oscar which gives you a 360-degree view overlooking the grand mountain scenery. For memorable nightcaps, there is also La Mezzanine’s exquisite dining room ambience that’s only made more perfect by its chocolate fondant pudding.

You may check out more available lodging and dining alternatives in Samoens by visiting their website at

Skiing is absolutely great when you’re spending the Christmas season in Samoens. With its many picturesque highlights including the church, historic market, chapels, and gardens, extending your stay will always be worth the time, money, and another flight back next year.

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