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Take A Hike On Mt. Vesuvius From Naples

The following is an article “Take A Hike On Mt. Vesuvius From Naples” by Marc Pulisci.

World-renowned for its history dating back to the Roman Empire, Italy is a country that has it all. Shaped like a boot that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, it has one of the most idyllic climates of any country in Europe, boasting the breathtaking natural scenery and landscape of Tuscany, complemented by the gorgeous renaissance and neoclassical architecture of its various regions, among countless others.

Mt Vesuvius hike

Culturally, Italy continues to be globally influential, with many of the world’s leading fashion designers hailing from there, not to mention some of the world’s most exotic supercars, and its famous cuisine. From iconic structures and monuments to lively piazzas, historic museums and haunting catacombs, Italy truly has something for everyone.

Naples, gateway to Mt. Vesuvius

If you are the adventurous type who happens to enjoy the great outdoors, the trek of a lifetime awaits you in Naples, a coastal city situated in the country’s Campania region. Popular among tourists due to the spectacular ocean view where the blue Mediterranean waters seamlessly blend with the clear skies, Napoli, as it is called in Italian, is also known for being the gateway to a historic landmark that is Mount Vesuvius.

Notorious for being the volcano that erupted around two thousand years ago resulting in the total destruction of the Roman city of Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius today still commands the awe and respect of anyone who lays eyes on it. While there is no denying that the role it has played in natural history is a huge part of its appeal, Mt. Vesuvius’ gigantic crater and age-old blemishes left by its lava flows are truly a majestic sight to behold.

The ruins of Pompeii

Located just 5.6 miles east of Naples and a short distance away from the mainland, Mt. Vesuvius is the perfect destination that offers a balanced mix of natural history and mountain trekking. Before departing from Naples, lace up your most comfortable walking shoes before embarking on a scenic 30-minute drive to Pompeii where the adventure begins.

Once in Pompeii, take in its historic sights as you go on a walking tour where you will form a clearer picture of what life in the ancient city must have been like before Mt. Vesuvius spewed its wrath. Although mostly left in ruins, charismatic landmarks such as the Basilica and the Macellum piazza serve as indispensable attractions that positively contribute to the mysticism of this doomed city.

The view from the top

After a heavy meal and properly hydrating, prepare for the drive up Mt. Vesuvius that will take you 3,280 feet above sea level where you will then step out of your vehicle and complete the journey to the summit by foot. Follow your tour guide up a steep winding path as you make the 20-35 minute trek, depending on your fitness level.

Once you reach the top, chances are you will instantly forget the fact that your feet hurt from all the walking as you peer into Mt. Vesuvius’ crater, marvel at the panoramic view of the surrounding deep blue sea, and remind yourself of what happened right where you are standing on that fateful day, a very long time ago.

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