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The Best Destinations That Can Recharge Your Spirit

This is an article ‘The Best Destinations That Can Recharge Your Spirit’ by Marc Primo Warren

Whether you need a 'eat, pray, love' holiday or are simply looking to relax, traveling to some of the most beautiful places on earth will certainly give you some well-deserved healing and transformative experiences. We'll tell you why these destinations offer all that and more.

Part of the reason most people travel is to take care of their inner wellness and gain better health. Some of the best holiday experiences can recharge your spirit and take away all your worries and exhaustion just by the sceneries they present. However, if you seek peace and tranquility in spirit, we recommend you check out these getaways for unparalleled self-care.

The vibrant beaches of Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Most visitors will label this 'world away' destination as magical. Deeply settled in a remote seascape location an hour away from Cabo, this pristine paradise offers relaxation, adventure, and even inspiration for creativity.

Offering a wealth of activities and mini shops that tackle art, eccentricities, surfing, cafes, and food, what will immediately catch your attention once you visit this getaway is the solitude and scenic beaches you're sure to have never seen before. Everything is laid back in the entire village of Todos Santos, yet it speaks loudly about the value of wellness via yoga, community, and spas.

There are also kayaking and water activities for the more active types that will always keep you on your feet or wet suit. Go horseback riding along the long stretch of sand or mark the upcoming music festival and meet new people. There's no doubt that Todos Santos has a soul of its own that will infect your spirit once you visit it.

Get some digital detox in Santorini, Greece

When people talk about anything that's 'Mediterranean,' it usually connotes peace and a call to forget all of your worries. In Greece, right at the center of the southern Aegean Sea, Santorini island houses the over a hundred-year-old Four Seasons Mansion, which can get you a spirit boost bathed in luxury.

However, if you are on a tight budget but still want the most serene treatment on the island, you can explore the village of Pyrgos instead and visit its rich archaeological museum. If that's not your thing, you can also marvel at the medieval forest in Pontikokastro – a historical and now peaceful castle that showcases the abundant greenery of the Peloponnese coast.

We're sure you'll get some photos of the incredible views of Zakynthos and Cephalonia, but if it is inner peace you're looking for, try taking a walk on the sands of Ancient Epitalio and Mycenaean Thryo's nearby beaches. You won't regret it!

Get a dose of visual tranquility in Croagh Patrick, Ireland

Two thousand five hundred feet above the ground lies a mountain in Ireland that will captivate your sightseeing desires. Patrick's mountain is considered a sacred place that gives you spectacular landscape views of the country's western region. Named after the saint who spent 40 days and nights praying and fasting on top of the mountain, this religious hotspot is where most travelers from all over the world flock to the steep ascent (with some doing it barefoot) to seek spiritual healing and gifts from above.

Visitors must first reach the town of Westport to view the vistas of Clew Bay and the majestic countryside in its periphery. Amateur mountain climbers are welcome as long as they are ready to give a few hours to reach the top, which is not the least the easiest. However, once they reach the peak, surprises await where they can participate in a mass inside a remote chapel while also taking in the fantastic panoramic views for a truly spiritual experience.

You can also find peace in the jungles of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Most tourists who want to celebrate by pampering themselves on holidays might set their GPS to more urban locations rather than remote islands. It's quicker and easier to reach if you only have a few days to escape your busy life.

Dubai, UAE, is one such destination that magnetizes global travelers who want to sit in the lap of luxury while getting a good dose of wellness and detox. In 2020, the city introduced a campaign to boost its health and wellness offerings for tourists. Today, the Dubai Healthcare City highlights the Al Jadaf area, which comprises hospitality, business, and retail establishments.

However, those looking for more relaxing alternatives can visit the city's Wellness Village, which features a 19-million square feet wellness hub and luxurious amenities. The ancient Dubai Creek and the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary complement the sceneries for a taste of the urban jungle.

For travelers who want top tier healthcare and inner healing, Dubai is fast becoming one of the premier spots in Asia.

Get some inner retrospect in Kumano Ancient Trail, Japan

Last but not least on our list is a faraway place built by historic emperors over a thousand years ago. Japan's Kumano Ancient Trail looks like one of those prefecture scenes in the anime blockbuster Your Name, with its sacred shrines, rural landscapes, and traditional tea houses.

There are three powerful shrines you should stop by here, with Hongu Taisha as the most important in terms of architecture, with its long stone staircase that will lead you to its sacred grounds. Near the eastern side lie the two other shrines of Kumano Nachi Taisha and Kumano Hayatama Taisha, both built for pilgrimage.

Walking outside the shrines will grant you stunning views of the religious pathways established by the emperors for pilgrimage and worship. If you are in search of purification rites, this is the getaway destination especially if you are into traditional Japanese culture and customs.

Make sure you try the village's hot spring hotels and take in the scenic countryside along the paths of several network routes that converge on the shrine. Be open to your surroundings and try to channel your inner peace as you meditate or pray. You'll find yourself recharged and ready to face the external challenges that may come your way upon your return to the city.


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