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The Best Hotels in the World to Sleep In

The following is an article “The Best Hotels in the World to Sleep In” by Marc Pulisci.

Before jumping on a plane and casting off to some enchanting holiday destination, most people would first review the small details on their itinerary to ensure the perfect getaway. While the common checklist usually includes culinary musts, picturesque hotspots, and cultural trips, one of the most important details that a tourist must not forget is a cozy place to sleep in.

Best Hotels in the World to Sleep In

Holidays can be pretty tiring and we all need good shut-eye from time to time before we get ready for the next item on our itinerary. If you are a pedantic sleeper, here’s your guide to our absolute best hotels with special sleep programs that deserve more than eight hours on your holiday schedule.

Four Seasons (Singapore and Seychelles)

One of the most recognized hotel brands in the world, two of the Four Seasons’ chain of hotels offer guests something special before bedtime to ensure restful sleep.

As some tourists may find their kids tossing and turning around beds that are not their own, Four Seasons Singapore is perfect for the little ones as it can make lullaby playlists available on demand.

Over in the beautiful island country of Seychelles, Four Seasons also have something special for adult guests before they hit the sack. By spraying choice fragrances on pillows that help relieve anxiety and give off a relaxing atmosphere, this hotel is perfect for travelers who are all energized when out of the hotel, but exhausted when inside the room.

The Swissôtel, Berlin, Germany

Not all hotels are for luxury holidays as some guests check-in for business too. If you are on business, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a dose of pleasure especially if you’re booked at the Swissôtel in Berlin. Offering a deep sleep package as an add-on rate for their well-appointed rooms, the program was developed by sleep expert Dr. Michael Feld, consisting of a 30-minute bright light lamp session, an herbal power drink before breakfast, and an aromatherapy session using lemongrass and citrus essences for calming and invigorating sleep.

With the hotel’s modern air-cleaning machines that emit a refreshing whiff of thin mountain air, scientifically-designed and ergonomically correct pillows for proper head support, and a spacious bed with first-rate linens, you’re sure to get your money’s worth if you are in search for the ultimate slumber experience.

The Benjamin Hotel, NY, United States

Did you know that most millennials sleep more hours of the day than any other generational group? Millennials are said to sleep longer by 25 minutes and this makes the Benjamin Hotel in New York the best one for younger professionals to sleep in and enjoy. The hotel’s Rest & Renew sleep program which allows guests to engage in meditation contribute to flexibility and personal development which many of the young are longing for. Guests may also choose from a wide lullaby playlist, or indulge in several pampering treatments while checked-in for an overnight stay.

The program was designed by the hotel’s resident expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins, who aims to offer guests health and wellness alternatives that are not made available by other brands. The good doctor also recommends some low-protein and low-calorie bedtime bites to satisfy cravings before sleeping which is an absolute hit among guests.

Six Senses Yao Noi, Yao Noi, Thailand

Thailand has many great beaches and landmarks to offer tourists but if you’re flying over there to find peace and tranquility, this hotel is your best bet. Imagine laying down an ergonomically correct, soft and comfortable mattress that’s built perfectly to support your entire body weight. After that, you’ll be sent into a trance-like ritual of Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep and provided with the relaxing treatment of jasmine spritzers, silky bamboo fiber PJs, and low-intensity training to relax your muscles.

The Six Senses sleep program is designed by Dr. Michael J. Breus who carefully studied pre-sleep rituals and methods that give guests a boost in mood and energy, a strengthened immune system, anti-ageing effects, memory improvement, weight loss, and inflammation prevention properties.

While the Six Senses hotel brand offers the program in several other countries including Portugal, Turkey, Cambodia, and Switzerland, their Thailand sleep program is perfect in how it blends well with the scenery and atmosphere of this beautiful destination that can certainly relieve you of stress.

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