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The Best Places in Britain for Autumn

The following is an article “The Best Places in Britain for Autumn” by Marc Pulisci.

As the temperature drops to lower degrees in Britain, the colors of autumn paint a picturesque portrait of forests, gardens, and countrysides in some of the best destinations to visit just before the colder season sets in. So brace yourselves because winter is coming and you’re in time for a last holiday hurrah before the snow covers everything in white.

Places in Britain for Autumn

Delighting in the visual spectacle of deep reds and bright yellows throughout October sends a sense of relaxation to many visitors. Britain’s autumn beauty is one of those exceptional sights that just makes you want to come out of your shell and explore.

To help with that, here are some of the great autumn hotspots we recommend you visit and enjoy.

Faskally Wood, Perthshire

In Scotland’s Perthshire, this Enchanted Forest is home to numerous tree species that serve as pixels to a larger panoramic masterpiece of the entire forest. Developed into a sightseeing forest during the 19th century, this beautiful place is dense with Scots pine, alder, English oak, and nearly 25 others to marvel at. Its thick covering will give you an unforgettable lakeside view if you want to get more intimate with nature. While it’s a great tourism spot all-year round, Faskally Wood is perfect for autumn as you’re just in time for their annual light show by the loch this time of year.

New Forest National Park, Hampshire

With over 50 square miles of woodlands, this National Park has blossomed with more tree types since redwoods were planted in the late 19th century. Towering oak, ash, beech, and silver birch will greet you as you enter the forest leading up to Rhinefeld Ornamental Drive where a shower of autumn colors awaits you. Various tree species register hues that you can only catch in October and if you walk a little further to Bolderwood, you’ll chance upon a gigantic 500-year old Knightwood Oak, and possibly some of the tamed ponies that roam around freely within the forest.

Richmond Park, London

London in autumn may not seem to offer much but your usual city colors. However, Richmond Park remains the top site in the UK where ancient trees, predominantly oak, continue to stand majestic. A walk or ride in your bike around the park will give you a breathtaking view of its rich autumn hues and the soothing sights and sounds from the many wildlife species in the area including birds, beetles, and wildflowers. Richmond Park is thrice as big as Central Park in New York, so imagine the many scenic views you can take in when you visit. And spotting a friendly fallow deer is always guaranteed.

Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest, Kent

Boasting the world’s most majestic coniferous bed of trees, this landmark in the garden of England is a sight to behold during autumn with prevalent colors of red, orange, and yellow serving as a beautiful canopy as you trek the forest trails or relax for a picnic. You can see endemic pines and some from California, Asia, and Scotland that add up to the park’s dense forest cover. If you are looking for some extreme adventure while in the area, proceed to the Go Ape Bedgebury Forest where zip-lining activities are available for visitors, or you can just opt to take in more of nature by mountain biking or running through the park.

Stourhead, Wiltshire

If you are up for viewing landscaped gardens, then Stourhead with its classical temples and serene lake atmosphere is the autumn destination for you. Opened in the 18th century, a wealthy covering of sycamore, oak, birch, horse chestnut, and ash draw out the natural aesthetics of the park as the lake reflects their colors for a true visual experience. Walk around util you chance upon the domed grotto with anterooms that are adorned with natural flint, pebbles, and tufa. When it comes to immersing in the beauty and calm of the season, Stourhead is definitely on the top of our list, even for just how it spreads out like a mythical garden of burnished leaves and rusty-colored canvass that are truly out of this world.

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