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The Best Tips for One-bag Travels

The following is an article “The Best Tips for One-bag Travels” by Marc Pulisci.

Frequent travelers can heave a sigh of relief if they know how to pack light. Bringing more things than you need on holiday can only bring more clutter into your room, longer time to organize them into your luggage, and numerous weight checks to see if they pass airline limits. However, there is more to the art of packing just one bag for a holiday than stuffing all your favorites into it. One-bag travels are much like bringing a Swiss knife to your camping trips-- it takes less weight and space but ultimately serves its purpose.

One bag travel tips

A few of the things you should consider before packing are your destination, duration of your holiday, your itinerary, and the weather. You’ll also have to anticipate chances when resourcefulness and strategy are required for you to get through your holiday without a hitch.

Pick the right bag for your trip

It’s common for most people to fill their luggage to the brim when packing for a trip but sadly they just end up bringing more than they actually need. Consider what bag to bring on your trip based on the four factors that were mentioned above. The lesser the space means the lesser items to pack so make sure you have the right bag to put all that you’ll ever need in there. Don’t instantly go for heavy bags. Pick one which you can carry anywhere and won’t give you more kilograms to drag around. Travel backpacks like Osprey, Outbreaker, and Gregory are some of the best brands that have multiple compartments for your basic essentials. Make use of packing cubes so that you can use up more space inside your bag.

Pack ‘needs’ not ‘might needs’

One common mistake people make when packing is considering everything they use daily as a necessity for the trip. Assess every single item and categorize whether they are real needs or plain excesses. One good rule of travel is to take half of the clothes you think you need and twice the money you intend to bring. We didn’t say that packing just one bag for a trip is not a challenge, but it will give you more convenience if you know the real essentials considering available storage space. Allot ⅕ of your carry on space for everyday clothes while the other ⅘ goes to other essentials like toiletries, night clothes, and shoes. The lack of clothes is one of the easiest things to remedy when you’re on holiday as you can simply buy from shops when you run out of things to wear. Always try to anticipate which things you can solve right away while you’re on a trip like which things you can buy instead of pack. Bringing your whole wardrobe isn’t the answer and will only give you more physical and mental baggage.

Wear what’s bulky

Part of being able to fit ¼ of your everyday clothes in your bag is to wear the bulky ones while you’re traveling. Wear your boots and coats as you check-in and board the plane and be sure that you don’t stuff them into your bag. Two pairs of shoes are good enough for a month-long trip, so wear the ones that can take up the most space in your bag. Another rule when traveling light for long-term trips is to pack for a week’s worth of clothes and wash them or go to a laundry service so you don’t run out of things to wear. Bring clothes that are of the same color pallette to get the most out of a few wardrobe combinations. And while you’re at it, bring pieces instead of entire outfits, unless you are attending a special event that calls for formal attire.

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