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The Most Holiday-worthy Places In The Bible

This is an article ‘The Most Holiday-worthy Places In The Bible’ by Marc Pulisci

Travelers who want to learn more about significant places in the Bible or are trying to strengthen their faith usually go on pilgrimages and Bible tours they can easily find on the web. While most of these tours are not that affordable, experiences may vary depending on what activities are lined up for each tour. Perhaps, the only thing that will stay constant is how immersive these tours can be for devotion and study.

For Christian tourists, there's no question that Israel is the most ideal travel destination. The nation has a rich history rooted in the Bible, and it is Jesus' birthplace and the place he spent most of his life. Visitors can practically follow in his footsteps and see the many preserved locations where he lived.

For religious scholars, more places around Europe, Africa, and Asia are worthy of a holiday visit or a pilgrimage. After all, the holy book was written not only in Israel, which is located in Asia. The book of Jeremiah takes us to places as far as Egypt in Africa, while several New Testament passages cite European cities on its pages.

Below is a list of some great bible destinations that will be well-worth your ticket.

Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth is where every Christian traveler should begin if he wants to enrich his walk with Jesus. This religious destination is where Jesus spent his formative years, not to mention where Mary and Joseph built their family home. In the northern Israeli city of Nazareth sits a lovely Old City that boasts many ancient churches that honor Biblical occasions.

Among these churches include the Church of the Annunciation, where the archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear a son named Jesus, and the Church of St. Joseph, where beautiful grottos stand beneath the church. Many believe these grottos were where the family home is and where St. Joseph did most of his carpentry.

Tourists can also check out the Mount of the Leap, otherwise known as Mount Precipice and considered one of the most important biblical locations near Nazareth. Your guides can walk you through the mount where Nazarenes tried to push Jesus for claiming that he was the Messiah.

These sites are undoubtedly some of the best places to visit for those who want to immerse in prayer.

Bethlehem, Palestine

This holy city is one of the best Christmas-time destinations for the faithful. In the bible, Joseph and Mary traveled south to Bethlehem after Nazareth became a dangerous place for newborns. Mary's miraculous manger birth happened in this small town, which today is revered as one of Israel's major tourist sites.

Bethlehem also houses several premier Christian landmarks such as the Palestinian West Bank, the 4th-century Church of the Nativity, which many believe is the exact location where Jesus was born, and the Milk Grotto where Mary nursed her son. As believers say, a drop of Mary's milk turned the cave walls white.

Most tours also lead you to the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv, the Jordan and Jericho rivers, Shepherd's Field, Manger Square, and other culturally significant locations that you can conveniently visit via walks or the many transportation alternatives at the center of Jerusalem.

Laodicea on the Lycus, Turkey

One of the best-preserved cities named in the book of Revelation, Laodicea in Turkey, was developed through years with enormous old theaters and churches for tourists to visit and enjoy. Archeologists still perform ongoing excavations on the site for historical items, while biblical scholars consider the place's significance to the holy scriptures.

The city is also near the Hierapolis and Colossi, an important trade center on the trade route from Sardis to Konya, and prominent for the dark red wool cloth that carried its name ''Colossinum.''

In ancient times, when Turkey was known as Asia Minor, John was instructed by Jesus to write a letter outlining the city's state of affairs. The disciple's assessment was not very positive regarding its people's spiritual issues with the local church. For tourists visiting this sacred ground, the atmosphere will surely encourage them to spend moments of reflection and spiritual enlightenment while on tour.

Rome, Italy

Aside from being the fortress for the Roman Empire, Rome was a place in the Bible where the disciple Paul got a great reception from Christian followers. In the New Testament, the Italian city captured early Christians' interest for how it served as home to devout Christians and ''the physical center of evil'' according to Revelations author John of Patmos.

In modern times, the city is one of the most important destinations of the faithful because it is where the Vatican or Holy See has stood for centuries.

However, there are more holy sites within the city worth exploring for travelers, including Mamertine Prison, where the apostle Paul was incarcerated for the second time for preaching the Bible, Tre Fontane Abbey, where Paul was martyred and decapitated, and The Arch of Titus, which was constructed in 82 AD upon the orders of Emperor Domitian to honor his older brother Titus' victories.

Island of Patmos, Greece

This island in Greece is where John the Apostle received the book of Revelations. Tourists who visit the place mainly study the text in classes held outside the cave where John lived. Patmos is a popular location for religious education and its beautiful bright homes and surroundings.

Orthodox pilgrims value the island's biblical significance and how the medieval monastery of Saint John draws tens of thousands of visitors annually. A large area of Patmos remains very traditional but features a few developed structures and amenities, including the Tourist Information Center in Chora and plenty of hotels to book stays.

All over the world, there are plenty of worthy holiday destinations where devout Christians can enrich their faith and still enjoy their holidays.

These five destinations can be best cherished if you study their backgrounds according to the Bible and follow the footsteps of their respective protagonists. Knowing their religious significance can help make your spiritual adventure more worthwhile and genuinely fulfilling.


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