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The Reality of Tourist Crowds

The following is an article “The Reality of Tourist Crowds” by Marc Primo.

Perhaps one of the biggest letdowns in everyone’s dream holiday is being in the presence of tourist crowds. Regardless of whether you’re in a concert or a walking tour, the discomfort of having masses of people in your periphery can be pretty taxing and can make you seek your own safe space in unfamiliar territory. With an estimated 8 billion people in the world, crowds are very commonplace wherever you go and there are just a few things you can do to dodge it.

Reality of Tourist Crowds

Of course, no one can blame tourists who bring their kids on strollers or those who find themselves lost and bumping into other souls as they wander around because that’s all part of the magic of travel. No one said it’s easy to go sightseeing in a tourist hotspot where the peak season is all-year-round. What you can do are these simple tips to make your trip more manageable amidst crowds everywhere.

Get to know the locals

Should you find yourself in a crowd of tourists, getting a tour guide or introducing yourself to a local who knows his way can spare you the time-consuming process of consulting your GPS. All it takes is the proper mindset to mingle and get to know people who know the place well so they can take you to uncrowded places while still enriching your culture hunting. And even if you are in the middle of a populous festival, engaging in local activity and interaction can make you feel welcome and lessen your feeling of being in a crowded place. After all, cultural tourism is more about being open to the idea of belonging to a community rather than pushing it away. But if you want some alone time, then head on to the next tip.

Study your destinations

While you can well expect a lot of people in most tourist destinations you go, there are still a few hidden gems that are not overpopulated by tourists. Go online and search for off-peak seasons in the destinations you plan to visit so you’ll get to avoid crowds while also getting lower priced airfare tickets or accommodations. If you seek some quiet time while on holiday, you might want to check out Alhambra in Granada, Spain where you can take in its great sights even if you visit during the off-peak season of January or February. Hokkaido in Japan is also beautiful during its off-peak or in Bali, Indonesia where it’s always worth a visit all-year-round. More options are available and all you have to do is read some reviews and plan ahead if you are looking to go on a more private holiday without the seasonal crowds.

Avail of Special Tours

This one might be a bit more costly but if you are adamant about avoiding crowds, special private tours are mostly available in various tourism destinations all over the world. Let private tour companies handle all your arrangements for a truly immersive experience without having to elbow your way in the middle of a crowd. These special tours usually come with a tour guide who can share with you some interesting information about the destination, recommend local hotspots, and give you exclusive perks that go along with the package.

Avoiding tourist crowds is possible and can both lessen or increase your travel costs. The downside to availing off-peak tickets is that you might be missing out on spectacular festivals or give up the best holiday weather. On the other hand, choosing to pay extra for special private tours can shrink your travel savings in no time. The key to making your travels more memorable is to plan early or just embrace the reality of tourist crowds. The more you do, the more you’ll find that being in a sea of people looking to have a good time might not be that bad after all.

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