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The Safest Vacation Hotspots in the World

This is an article “The Safest Vacation Hotspots in the World” by Marc Pulisci.

Once travel bans are lifted and everything goes back to normal post COVID-19, it should come as no surprise that holiday makers will look for only the safest destinations around the world. Every one of us puts safety and security at the top of our travel priorities, and aside from the current pandemic, such travel woes like terrorism, crime, and discrimination can ruin both our plans and an otherwise great destination’s tourism efforts.

Safest vacation spots

One thing is for sure though—there are hundreds of safe and beautiful destinations you can always visit. Based on the majority of travelers’ votes, here are the top five vacation spots you’d want to consider once the COVID pandemic is under control.


Who can argue about Iceland being the safest place in the world? Now on its 5th consecutive year on top of the Global Peace Index’s safest country list, this gem of a country will calm your senses with its tranquil panoramas and natural phenomena.

You might want to visit during winter to witness the awesome Northern Lights in Thingvellir or Threngsli, although summer is no pushover either if you wish to see the majestic view of its vast landscapes under the bright sun. Either way, cue your Sigur Rós playlist and enjoy the sights and sounds.

New Zealand

When it comes to the friendliest communities and people, the Kiwis bring out New Zealand’s beauty with their innate hospitality towards visitors.

You’d want to go straight to their pristine beaches of Mt. Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, or immerse yourself in the rich Maori culture at the Whakarewarewa in Rotorua that helped make New Zealand a tourism favorite among travelers.

Also, make sure you sample the local wines and visit the South Island vistas for some delightful sightseeing.


It’s easy to fall in love with Portugal and is one of those places that will call you to come back and visit time and again.

Whether you stay in its magical old towns of Porto and Lisbon, or make a turn to some fantastic artwork in the Palacio de Mateus or Batalha monastery, you’re in for some culture vulture swooping, presented in countless creative ways.


If you are looking to discover picturesque scenery, historical sites, and great culture, Austria has no limit to all three.

Visit the Eagle’s Nest and marvel at how history’s tides have changed this beautiful country into one of the safest and most captivating ones in the world. For some nature side trips, you may take the Salzburg lake district trails where towering alpines shade you from the sun’s bright rays. Better yet, head down to the legendary city of Vienna to discover great classical music that serves as a soundtrack to the city’s wonderful sights.


Last but not least, Denmark will truly make you feel safe and sound with its rich culture of fairy tales, charming old towns, and famed Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen.

Delight in the colorful rows of houses in Amalienborg Palace or take a more modern walk through the Lego House in Billund. Denmark’s cities are where marriages of old and new meet, and there’s plenty of great hotspots to go to for either adventure or food like Aarhus, Skagen, or Bornholm without ever having to worry about a single thing.

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