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Three Fantastic Cities in Germany to Visit

The following is an article “Three Fantastic Cities in Germany to Visit” by Marc Pulisci.

While there are plenty of beautiful destinations across this European country, over in the north sits three marvelous cities that tell stories rich in history. Its charming cobbled roads and fantastic outdoors are to die for, not to mention the fine dining selections each one offers.

Cities in Germany to Visit

Germany is abundant with towering cathedrals, rustic castles, and spectacular architecture that combine both classical and modern art. With its many scenic locations of interest to visit, you might find it difficult to pick just one route to make your stay memorable.

Over in Northern Germany, the cities of Lübeck, Hamburg, and Bremen can give you a summer holiday that’s built on a legendary urban vibe with all the frostings of nature blending in harmoniously.


A perfect destination for the entire family, Bremen’s metropolis combines the old and the new with its many spectacular heritage sites. Residents are proud of the donkey, dog, cat, and rooster statue that sits prominently at the city’s plaza as it was made by no less than the Brothers Grimm. The landmark also represents Bremen locals’ positive traits of confidence, courage, and friendliness, and is a town tribute to the city’s musicians.

This fairy-tale destination offers more with a promenade by Bermer Lake or the gardens of Bürgenpark. The city is the largest on the River Weser, which is the longest to flow in the entire German territory. Dozens of galleries and museums are scattered all over Bremen, as well as its city hall which is a UNESCO heritage site.

While in Bremen, you can’t miss the many cafes at Virtel’s cobbled streets lined with art studios and shops that all offer a feast for the senses.


If you love brick buildings and gothic architecture, then this city is a must-visit. With a romantic atmosphere emanating from the moment you enter the gates of Museum Holstentor to the sights of its 17th century courtyards, you will get your fill of jaw-dropping scenery right away. Take a walk by the riverside along Holstentorplatz during sunsets and watch as the city comes alive with music and revelry from the locals.

You can never run out of places to go out and dine in Lübeck especially if you have your significant other in tow. There’s the Newport Restaurant & Marina or Dietrich’s cocktail bar that boasts hundreds of gin and tonic selections for the perfect date or nightcap.

Other places of interest in the city include Niederegger for their renowned marzipan sweets, which blend sugar, honey, and almond cream for one delightful bite.


Last but not least is Hamburg, or what others might call Berlin’s little brother. Sitting beautifully by the top of River Elbe’s estuary, this fluvial city showcases a handful of historic sites. The Elbphilharmonie building at Hafen City is Hamburg’s esteemed concert hall, considered to be one of the most advanced in the world. Seeing a performance at this landmark will introduce you to its pristine acoustics and excellent glass sculptures of quartz crystals depicting water waves and a sail. The design was perfectly executed by Herzog & de Meuron. The building is also known as the tallest in Hamburg towering at 108 meters.

Another hotspot for the senses in Hamburg is the Kafeemuseum, which offers exquisite coffee blends. If you are planning to become a connoisseur, you may also want to sign up for their short-term seminars and trainings or attend their exhibitions. But if you simply want to relax, then enjoy a flavorful cup while taking in the spectacular views of the Speicherstadt warehouse district.

If you’re flying solo into Hamburg, better check out Planten Un Blomen or Japanischer Garden-- both scenic havens filled with outdoor wonders that are perfect for some alone time by the lake.

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