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Tips on Packing as a Modern Nomad

This is an article “Tips on Packing as a Modern Nomad” by Marc Pulisci

For people who have lived most of their adult life on the road and have earned the title of travelling nomad, the most asked question is perhaps what to pack when travelling nonstop across the globe. Surprisingly, the answer is simple enough but that doesn’t mean getting a load of your most prized belongings and stuffing them into a luggage. The idea is to keep your suitcase small and have everything you need, when you need them.

Modern nomad travel packing tips

Keep your weight light

If you are planning to become an avid traveller for the long-term, it’s not hard to think that you’ll need to carry all of life’s life’s necessities everywhere you go. From your passport to your Swiss Army knife, packing things as a nomad cannot simply be random each time.

On average, your luggage should only weigh around 11 kilograms each time you jet set to another destination. Add to this a messenger bag and tech gear which is around more than 4 kilograms. You’d want to travel lightly so that you can unburden yourself of heavy luggage if you are always going to be on-the-go. Somehow, being in transit with a large luggage is both silly-looking and draining—and nobody wants that. Keep what you pack light, with only the essentials inside.

The essentials

Arguably, the most standard things to pack in your bag when it comes to clothing are two to three pairs of dress shirts, jeans, shorts plus seven pairs of tees. Add to this a swimsuit and a pair of sneakers and you’re all set to go. If you plan to go on holiday at a resort or other tourist destinations, the least of your worries will be the clothes on your back as there will be many shops around to buy new ones. Of course, depending on where you are going, you will need one light jacket, a pair of sandals, and never forget, at least 10 pairs of underwear and six pairs of socks.

Other things you might want to bring that will prove to be very useful in your journeys are sunglasses, toiletries, and a toothbrush. That way, whether you end up somewhere hot or cold, you’re ready and always neat even for longer stays.

Things to pack if you are a digital nomad

If you are going to be working while travelling, saving some space for your electronic equipment is simply a must. A good messenger bag or easy-to-carry backpack can easily store a 15-inch laptop, your mobile phone/s, mobile chargers, power banks, universal adapters, airpods, and even a Kindle.

Also, carrying a portable pocket wifi for gadgets is highly recommended as there might be some areas where they don’t offer internet connection but enough cellular signal. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when travelling.

Packing smart is the first thing you’ll have to master if you plan to be a modern nomad and that means being minimal with your stuff and resourceful. Things won’t be the same as in your typical holidays where you pack and dress to the nines. Instead, you should pack more out of convenience and survival. There will be mistakes along the way, for sure, but as soon as you learn that luggage space is important and that prioritizing essentials more than leisure items works better, the more you’ll find things easier and more efficient.

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