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Top 5 best airport lounges around the US and how to get access

The following is an article “Top 5 best airport lounges around the US and how to get access.” by Marc Pulisci.

Air travel can be a drag, especially when connecting flights are hours apart. If you want to make your experience better, gaining access to a VIP lounge is the way to go. Here is a top 5 of the best airport lounges in the US and how to gain access to them.

Best airport lounges in the US

1. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, New York-JFK

The lounge has a cocktail bar and a pool table. This alone sets it apart from the crowd. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse offers a full breakfast menu, a variety of creative tapas for snacks, while the Clubhouse burger and chicken tikka masala will satisfy the more enthusiastic eaters. The Bumble & Bumble salon and spa with complimentary treatments employing Dr. Hauschka products are just exceptional.

Getting in: You can gain complimentary access to the lounge if you’re flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, Delta Diamond, if you’re an Elevate Gold member or Main Cabin Select or First passenger on Virgin America.

If you don't fall into any of the categories mentioned above, you can pay your way in at $75 per adult and $40 per child under 12.

2. Star Alliance Lounge, LAX

Star Alliance's centers are fairly unique in their own right. They contain both business- and first-class lounges. The business section can accommodate more than 350 guests, while the first-class section is limited to only 40. The cherry on top is an outdoor space with a relaxing waterfall where you can completely forget you are in an airport. The lounge holds iPads on hand for guests to use, a media room for catching up on sports and news along with free high-speed Wi-Fi and charging ports.

Getting in: Star Alliance first- and business-class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members flying in any class on a Star Alliance flight can get in.

3. Lufthansa First Class Wining & Dining Lounge, New York-JFK

The Lufthansa First Class Wining & Dining Lounge at JFK is a lounge within a lounge. Located on the third floor of the larger Lufthansa lounge at JFK. The main part of the lounge is the dining area, where there is an extensive buffet with a la carte menu options and a complete dessert table. Guests here can also drop down one floor to the main lounge to freshen up in one of two shower suites.

Getting in: First-class ticket holders on Lufthansa, as well as HON Circle elite members will have access.

4. Virgin America Loft, LAX

Virgin America opened this little oasis in 2012 in Terminal 3. It has a mood-lit bar “Lofty Libations'', as well as a complete menu of snacks and full meals for sale. Free Wi-Fi throughout and plenty of charging ports. Its main selling point for those looking for a peaceful trip is, no children under 12 allowed.

Getting in: First class travelers on Virgin America and Elevate Gold members traveling on Virgin America as well as Priority Pass and Lounge Club members.

Paying your way in costs $15 for Elevate Silver members traveling same day, and $ 30-day passes are available to everyone else.

5. Cathay Pacific Lounge, San Francisco SFO

It provides a comfortable ambiance for more than 150 guests. The lounge has six shower suites, seven workstations, free Wi-Fi throughout and a signature Cathay Pacific noodle bar. You can also enjoy a posh dining area with a self-serve buffet and espresso bar.

Getting in: The lounge is generally available only to passengers flying business or first class on Cathay Pacific or Oneworld partners.

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