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Travel Advisory

The following is an article “Travel Advisory”

by Marc Pulisci.

Travel Advisory

What's a Travel Advisory?

When traveling overseas, it is essential to be conscious of the safety (and health) scenario of the country you're intending to visit. While this also pertains to national travel, it's with international trips that most travelers find themselves unaware of these conditions. This is where several national governments get involved and provide what is called travel advisories for their citizens.

Travel advisories are literally travel and health notices relevant to the general safety in various foreign destinations. They provide updates and information for would be travelers on matters that may concern terrorism, public offense, civil unrest, public and personal security, disease and weather. As such, travel advisories serve the intent of helping the tourist make informed decisions about where to travel and spend time around the world.

As an extra precaution, asides from reviewing travel advisories you should make sure your travel insurance covers the country you intend to visit. Many travel insurance providers don't cover areas which the issuing national government considers to be dangerous. Therefore, if you would like to travel to a foreign destination which has a travel advisory warning by your country, it's very important to contact your travel insurer to understand what coverage you will or won't have if you decide to travel there.

Here are a few of the more complete travel advisories that could help you avoid a rough situation.

Australia Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Canada Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Hong Kong Security Bureau

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

U.S. State Department

World Health Organization (International Travel and Health)

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