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Travel Ideas This Earth Month

The following is an article “Travel Ideas This Earth Month” by Marc Pulisci.

Despite the looming effects of global warming and rising arguments whether the earth is spherical or flat, our world is a fun and beautiful place for travel. It’s also good that more of the youth has now taken the #trashtag culture to impressive engagement levels on social media making this year’s Earth Month one that perfectly suits a grand holiday.

Travel Ideas This Earth Month

The Earth Month Network has established the month of April as Earth Month 49 years ago, and this year’s theme is “Plastic… More Than Pollution”. Scores of netizens around the world have featured their own cleanup initiatives online transforming literal wastelands into paradise. With more people vowing to protect and preserve the environment, here are my top three destinations for an exciting Earth Month holiday.


Go here if you love green. Finland is definitely up the global ranks as one of the cleanest countries in terms of water treatment and sanitation. With a rich biodiversity that is continually protected through conservation efforts, this European country with the most forests is home to a vast number of reindeers and thousands of flora. Pick one of over 40 national parks to visit or just help Finland be carbon dioxide free by 2050. Either way, you’ll enjoy a great holiday with friendly Finns taking you to see the Northern Lights, nature and wilderness trips, or the best skiing spots in the world.


This country has established environmental laws decades ago and has reached its goals by 70%. The policies include the reduction of carbon emissions and air pollution, river cleanups, and best practices in waste management. Taking a holiday in the Netherlands might lead you to the great cultural scene of Amsterdam. Make sure you know how to ride a bicycle as most of the folks prefer that mode of transportation when going around small towns. The country has over 20 breathtaking national parks, ancient castles, and historically rich museums. Visit in spring if you want a perfect nature trip with tulips in bloom, greener pastures, and a riverbed of flowers.


Crossing over to Asia, go and head over to the region’s most eco-friendly country. Singapore may be quite small (just about two thirds the size of New York City), but it is one of the most environmentally responsible travel destinations you need to check out. World-class hotels practice green initiatives like those in Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s tri-tower and ParkRoyal’s organic terrace. This island republic also scores a near-perfect Environmental Performance Index rating, setting its mark as a true advocate for clean air and water, and sustainable development in agriculture and energy.

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