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Travel With Lesser Cost With These Easy Steps

The following is an article “Travel With Lesser Cost With These Easy Steps” by Marc Pulisci.

Do you ever find yourself sitting in your office desk, then suddenly feeling an urge to travel but are afraid of how much it’s going to cost you? Sadly, for most people, cost is the number one reason that keeps them from going on that well-deserved getaway trip.

Low cost traveling

While it might be a bit frustrating to spend a whole lot for a single trip, there are a myriad alternatives that can help you cut down on cost. While the internet offers hundreds of options when you are looking to travel without giving your budget too much of a strain, much depends on your control and how you manage your itinerary. These tips will help you plan an inexpensive holiday, without removing all the fun essentials that come with it.

Pick an off-season spot

The first word that will enter your mind when you want to go on holiday is “where”. Are you okay to go someplace that’s famous and crowded or would you rather spend your time on an off-season spot and enjoy the privacy? For those who are on a budget, the latter may be the better option and the reason is simple. Off-season destinations are cheaper and in-demand tourism hotspots tend to be more expensive. Just be wary of the weather because rain will definitely ruin your holiday if you choose to go to a tropical beach. Consider your options well if you pick an off-season spot and come up with a plan B if the weather doesn’t go along with your original plan.

Be flexible

You cannot always get what you want especially if you are on a budget. Brace yourself as you can’t just book your flights on the dates you have initially planned so plot your work leaves and sync it to dates when the airfares are at its lowest. You might find yourself jockeying for a deal during discount season, so get a head start, book early, and always keep an eye out for promo flights. While waking up early in the morning can be difficult, take the extra effort to wake up in the middle of the night if you are looking to find the best deals on the internet as some airlines usually launch their promos at the most ungodly hours. Trust me when I say it will all be worth a night’s lack of sleep if you manage to score a great deal.

Travel midweek

It may seem flawed to leave on a weekday, but not for frugal travelers. Airfares are usually cheaper when there’s no weekend rush. To be exact, U.S. domestic flights are lower every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, while European flights are cheaper on weekdays.

Enjoy layovers and make the most out of it

When was the last time you enjoyed a spontaneous trip to a strange city you knew very little about? You can draw some fun and excitement during layovers by going around and discovering new places, meeting new people, sampling different cuisine, or even taking IG-worthy photos! The best part about having long layovers is that you can do all of these things and still make it back in time for your flight back home. Another plus side to this is that flights with layovers are often way cheaper than direct flights.

Pack light

The fewer bags you bring, the better because you lessen the risk of checking-in more luggage which can cost a lot more than you bargained for. You can also spare more time and energy carrying fewer bags and less weight, so make sure you go and tip the scales first before heading to the airport.


Commuting in a different place is difficult, especially when you’re in a different country. But hey, it’s definitely much cheaper than taking a cab or renting a vehicle. Don’t worry as it’s okay to get lost once in a while. As long as you have your phone equipped with a GPS and Google Maps, you can probably make an adventure out of it as well.

Traveling is good for the soul, so do it more often. However, you should also learn to budget your money wisely by not spending it wantonly and without caution. Plan your trips in advance and bring enough to grant yourself a worthy “me” time experience.

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