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What Christmas Will Look Like Around the World This 2020

This is an article “What Christmas Will Look Like Around the World This 2020” by Marc Pulisci.

Now that the Thanksgiving turkey has been taken out of the oven, people are now preparing to celebrate one of the most festive seasons of the year, albeit in a different manner this time. With barely anyone around to exchange gifts and stories with in 2020, many are wondering what Christmas will be like around the world since we all have to sacrifice a thing or two, no thanks to COVID-19.

What Christmas Will Look Like Around the World This 2020

Of course, the concept of travel and holiday getaways during the Christmas season have already been cancelled due to the global pandemic and wheeler restrictions are still being implemented all over the world, there’s no other way to celebrate other than staying put and being content with Zoom sessions from the safety of our homes.

If you want to know what Christmas 2020 will be like in different parts of the world, here are a few ideas we can share with you to keep the season’s spirit alive and well.

United Kingdom

Being one of the most festive destinations every Christmas season, the United Kingdom has reason to celebrate this season with an approved vaccine and its distribution already underway. However, the recent lockdown order in early December gave every hint that people are still not being encouraged to travel or get together with their families to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Social distancing measures are still in place and several Christmas markets including those in Bath, Belfast, and Birmingham have already cancelled their annual operations. But you can still enjoy some Christmas trails in Manchester, Oxfordshire, and Edinburgh among others if you plan ahead and book an Airbnb.

The U.S.A.

With the biggest number of COVID-19 cases and post-election chaos hounding the country, not many are too keen to visit the United States. Actually, those who are there are now widely considering flying to other parts of the world to celebrate Christmas, if not for the global pandemic.

Going on a vacation to other parts of the country is not a very good idea either, despite more states opening up their gates to tourists. For the best options, many are considering going to destinations which they can travel to by car and are widely appealing because of their outdoor characteristics as the World Health Organization has advised that celebrations should be held outdoors as much as possible. Some good hotspots to check out if you are brave enough are Myrtle Beach, Colorado Springs, and L.A., but do be extra careful as some states are registering record numbers of COVID cases even in this late stage of the pandemic.

New Zealand

Most certainly, the best gift that those in New Zealand right now can truly enjoy is a breath of COVID-19-free fresh air. Currently on Alert level 1, people within the country can travel anywhere as long as they comply with safety protocols. Thanks to the impeccable handling of its government to the novel coronavirus early in the year, Kiwis will be able to celebrate Christmas as they’ve always done.

With few to no new cases recorded for months now, those in New Zealand can go ahead with barbecues and reunions without having to worry about the number of heads in attendance as the government has imposed no limit. Those in Singapore and Australia who want to visit New Zealand for the holidays can do so thanks to travel bubbles that allow them to travel for both essential and non-essential purposes.

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