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What's There to See in Swing States

This is an article “What's There to See in Swing States” by Marc Pulisci.

Americans all over the country are bracing for one of the most important elections in the nation’s history this November. With unique challenges in this year’s voting processes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, political parties are going the extra mile and exerting more effort to their campaigns in swing states to win more votes.

Places to visit in Swing States

When it comes to travel, swing states can somehow reflect the rich diversity and cultures they have compared to other territories across the country. After all, they are called swing states due to the fact that election results in those territories can be too close to call, with people having different backgrounds, beliefs, and political affinities among others. Most known swing states have ‘seesawed’ in supporting both the Democratic and Republican parties over the years and established themselves to be the deciding states where candidates should always pay a visit.

But what is there to see in the US’s swing states if you’re a travel enthusiast? Here are some hotspots worth visiting soon!


Considered by many as one of the most special swing states of all for its large area and unpredictability, Florida also boasts many unique landmarks worth seeing for yourself while on holiday.

Among the best tourism hotspots in this swing state is the quaint city of Sarasota at the west coast, where you can immerse in the many art-centric venues in the area or enjoy nature at its finest. From fine art centers such as the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art (famous for the Ringling Brothers brand of circus) to ballet and opera performances, Florida has a diverse art scene that attracts many enthusiasts and collectors annually. Its location by the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico also make it one of the perfect eco-spots with a broad biodiversity of flora and fauna at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens or Myakka River State Park.


When visiting the great state of Arizona, the first thing that will come to mind is a stop at the massive natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. But this swing state has more to offer than just scenic landscapes such as world-class spas and vibrant cities.

The almost year-round sunny city of Tucson, which is 70-miles north of the Mexican border, serves as a haven for great native animal spotting including the coyotes and prairie dogs that are housed in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Should you want to explore the outdoors or satisfy your taste buds, you can head on over to the road that leads to Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway for great natural sights or discover the many authentic Mexican restaurants that are scattered around this UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. With awesome landscape sceneries, great culture, and friendly locals, Tucson is definitely one swing state you’d want to visit as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.


If you look around while in Wisconsin, you’d probably be awed by the vast majestic hills and landscapes that surround the state which are all waiting to be explored.

Located between the Lakes of Michigan and Superior, this state is perfect for those who want some extreme hiking and mountain biking adventures, or discover its two main cultural cities in Madison and Milwaukee. Popular annual festivals to check out are the Oshkosh Airshow by the northwest of Milwaukee in Lake Winnebago, and the world’s largest music festival Summerfest also in Milwaukee.

Other great sights worth visiting in this swing state are the Circus World Museum in the small town of Baraboo showcasing eye-catching displays and exhibits about the country’s rich circus history, and Door County located in the northeast of Green Bay which features a peninsula that overlooks Lake Michigan and home to unique hotels and great campsite experiences.

If you want to know more about the U.S.A.’s popular swing states before you vote, go ahead and take a virtual journey online first then list down the most interesting places you find the most. In the meantime, keep yourself safe and practice your right to vote wisely!

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