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When Your Pet Tags Along On Holiday

The following is an article “When Your Pet Tags Along On Holiday” by Marc Primo.

It’s always better to travel with a buddy, but to go on holiday with a pet in tow can be challenging. Just imagine how difficult it can be to go on long road trips or clear airport security checks with your fur baby always relying on you for his needs. What was meant to be a relaxing holiday could quickly turn into a tiring journey if you don’t manage your pet properly.

Traveling with pets tips

Sometimes, we see photos of our friends with their beloved pets on social media while on holiday and wonder how they do it. With the right preparation and good foresight, taking a trip with your pet can actually be more enjoyable than going solo.

Below is your essential checklist for proper pet management:

Pet Collar

To avoid losing your pet while on holiday, always bring a collar with your pet’s name tag and your contact information attached to it. Buckle it up firmly so that there is no chance it comes undone while playing on the beach or going for a run. About 10 million dogs get lost each year according to the American Humane Society and only about a quarter of those are reunited with their owners. Those are pretty alarming statistics. If you don’t want your dog to be just another number, double check his collar, especially if you are in unfamiliar territory.


Aside from your pet’s safety, you are also responsible for the safety of others. Keeping your four-legged pal on a leash while on holiday will prevent him from wandering off and creating trouble. Some pets need to be restrained as they can sometimes misbehave when they are overwhelmed by new sights, sounds, and smells. Also, you don’t have to wait for others to tell you that it’s only proper to control your pet whenever you bring him to a public place.

Pet Bag

Other necessary items that should always be in your pet luggage are waste bags, toys, food, and water. Clean up after them, especially when on holiday. Some countries have stiffer laws against dogs relieving themselves in public as this could pose health risks. Bring chewables or throw balls to keep your pet preoccupied and to minimize stress and anxiety levels. Of course, never ever leave without food and water in your pet luggage because like you, they too enjoy food and drink on trips.

Safety precautions

Traveling by air can sometimes put your pet at risk. Before you go on holiday, read up on certain dangers that flying can cause various pets, especially if they belong to a breed that relies on a consistent and ample supply of oxygen. These may include pugs, bulldogs, and Persian cats who all have short snouts. Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome often happens in planes and could prove fatal for some pets. In fact, the risk is so high that many airlines have banned air travel for certain breeds of dogs.

Road plan

In the event that you go on a road trip with your pet, think ahead and plan accordingly along the way so you can both recharge. Bring a map and make enough pit stops to stretch and get some fresh air. Keep your pet comfy inside a kennel placed in the backseat throughout the trip, with seatbelts strapped on. Lastly, always make sure your pet has proper ventilation so that he doesn’t become agitated or suffer from heat exhaustion.

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