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How To Plan For Travel in 2022

This is an article “How To Plan For Travel in 2022 Travel” by Marc Pulisci

A lot of folks may have shelved their travel plans, what with everything happening around the world. However, for jet setters who find true exhilaration in exploring the world and meeting new faces, not a lot can stop them from hitting the road or taking to the skies.

Travel Plans by Marc Primo Pulisci
Travel Plans by Marc Primo Pulisci

In 2022, the silver lining is that many countries are opening their borders to vibrant tourism opportunities. And, after two years of quarantine, it’s high time we give in to wanderlust and travel across continents to explore new destinations.

A good starting point is to create an adventure bucket list that’s both safe and exciting. But on the other hand, taking a trip to Europe might not be the best idea due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. However, there are still plenty of travel hot spots to consider this year.

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you create your holiday bucket list:

Prepare yourself for more complex travel this year

First of all, there are no ifs and buts about it – 2022 travel remains as complex as the past two years despite more lenient policies. From dealing with extra airline fees, complying with COVID-19 tests, to arranging travel insurance, you still need to keep abreast of news updates or, better yet, consult a travel adviser before you book your trip.

Travel advisers are in-the-know of what’s going on in the industry and can offer you more options for safer travels. Aside from that, they know the current vaccination policies implemented by different countries, so there’s no need to worry about which tests to take before your flight and arrival.

Best of all, elite travel advisers have a network of agents that can give more current info about what’s happening in faraway places or even better rates for tours, COVID-19 tests, or hotel accommodations.

Ask your other travel pals if they can recommend a good travel adviser or check for reviews online at Some travel consortia or co-ops also offer agent services. Aside from checking for travel adviser services, install travel apps such as Lonely Planet, Tripcase, or Expedia to get a broader array of options and tools to organize your travel plans.

It’s also wise to check if your destination has good wi-fi coverage, especially at airports. That’s because some airlines remain strict about allowing AT&T and Verizon 5G services for safety precautions. Right now, selected US airports are experiencing service disruptions, and the same goes for other international airports concerned with frequency issues. Again, it’s best to consult a travel adviser regarding this matter before you go onboard.

Go where you can pursue your passions

One of the most common predicaments backpackers encounter is choosing suitable destinations that won’t break the bank. With the bounty of gorgeous places in the world, cutting down the list can be a bit daunting. The first thing you might consider is what fuels your passion for traveling.

Ask yourself whether you are going somewhere where you’d like to meet people, enjoy culinary treats, immerse in the culture, take in the sights, or simply relax. Are you the outdoor type or one who prefers traveling in solitude? Most tourism packages can accommodate various adventure types, and you’ll most likely find one that suits your kind of lifestyle.

If you are into the great outdoors and nature, consider checking out destinations in the Australian Outbacks of Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Cairns, or Sydney. Then there are the jungles of Costa Rica, which are perfect this time of year, and so are the caves and rivers in Waitomo, New Zealand, or the many beach islands north of the Philippines. Those who seek quiet holidays with incredible sights and flavors can visit the small-town culture of Dawson or the food markets at Stanley Park, both in Vancouver, Canada.

Wherever you plan to go, review the line-up of events and adventure tours that will happen during your visit and their respective rates. Find nearby alternatives for budget dining so that money matters won’t ruin your perfect holiday.

Make reservations weeks ahead

Travel policy changes can come instantly, and the best way to prevent cancellations or inconveniences when there is still a pandemic and global tensions is to book ahead. If you are going to travel in-country, take note that bookings tend to sell out faster, and buying a plane ticket will give you more advantages if you do it several weeks ahead.

One of the best things about booking your holiday early is that you get to plan your trip with more options and less stress. In cases where disruptions arise, you can still adjust your itinerary or get refunded. Make sure you also check out your tour agents’ booking, travel, and insurance policies to ensure that you have everything you need while traveling.

Expect to meet people

Even if you plan to go on solo travel, meeting new people is always a given when visiting new territories. Even if you hike in the mountains of Alaska or Utah, you’ll still have to check in with local authorities to make sure people know where you are going for your safety.

Meeting new people from different cultures is part and parcel of every journey to new destinations, so it’s always best to learn other cultures and traditions before visiting as a tourist. Doing so will give you an idea of what to expect and keep you in check with local decorum.

You also don’t have to be a polyglot to communicate with locals, but it does help to ask others who have traveled to your intended destination about their experiences. Search for online travel articles and learn as many basic phrases as you can. Meeting people is always a soul-enriching experience, so be prepared to make new friends along the way as well.


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