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The Best Destinations To Explore Post-pandemic

This is an article “The Best Destinations To Explore Post-pandemic” by Marc Pulisci

Thanks to the creation of COVID-19 vaccines, more destinations are slowly opening up again to welcome world travelers. As long as the Omicron strain and other emerging variants of concern are held at bay, we all have a chance to see a more robust tourism industry in 2022.

Right now, more people are already planning their post-pandemic holidays free of restrictions and risks. And since it has been close to two years with all the lockdowns and bouts of quarantine, travelers are searching for unique experiences that can help them forget their pandemic nightmare.

For what it’s worth, the long wait may finally be over. Most destinations are now welcoming towards tourists, provided they present vaccination cards and undergo health and safety protocols, including required tests. Even smaller, tourism-dependent countries that incurred huge losses during the pandemic are bouncing back.

For those who have yet to plan their vacations, here are five travel hotspots that have relaxed their COVID-19 restrictions and are definitely worth a visit–post-pandemic.


By January, Cambodia will showcase the kind of tropical weather that will transport you from the gloom of the past two years straight into paradise. You may enjoy as much fun under the sun as you want in the country's many landmark attractions. These include the temple city and UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat, where majestic architecture from 802 AD abound, taking you to the times when Khmer kings took pride in what was then the largest city in the world.

Then, there's also the pristine white sand beaches of Koh Rong Samloem islands just off Cambodia's south coast, accessible from idyllic Sihanoukville. There, you can explore over a dozen beach hut resorts, submerge yourself in the underwater world of scuba diving, and bask in countless other spectacular 'under the sun' activities.

If you're looking to immerse in history, culture, and tropical bliss, Cambodia is the place that should be at the top of your 2022 travel list.


Right in between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay previously sat quietly amidst better-known South American destinations like Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires. However, many didn't know about this small country's rich Charrua and African cultures that are just as interesting.

Much of this culture's celebration happens at the beginning of the year via the Carnival. However, Uruguay offers its visitors more from sumptuous cuisine, strange traditions, and natural sceneries. A significant portion of the country showcases wetlands, native forests, and coastal lagoons, including Punta del Este beaches or what many call the Monaco of the South, Playa de Los Pocitos in Montevideo, or the hot springs of Termas del Arapey and Termas del Dayman.

For on-foot travelers, Uruguay also has colonial heritage sites such as Palacio Salvo in the capital of Montevideo, the once-proud Gateway to the Citadel walls of the city in Ciudad Vieja, and the ancient town of Colonia and its UNESCO World Heritage Site Barrio Historico.

With fewer crowds, you'll surely appreciate what Uruguay has to offer, especially its seclusion that keeps its treasures genuinely worth exploring.


Speaking of less explored UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jordan has plenty that includes, Quseir Amra, Um er-Rasas, Wadi Rum Protected Area, and Al-Maghtas or Bethany Beyond the Jordan. One of the Middle East's most beautiful destinations, Jordan is prominent for its safe and friendly hotspots filled with warm and friendly people.

There's a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy locations within the country, like the ancient desert castles of Quseir Amra, the haunting red dunes of Wadi Rum, and the gravity-defying Dead Sea. However, one of the 'must' destinations in Jordan is the new Seven Wonders Of The World attraction, Petra.

Discovered by Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt two centuries ago, Petra is a vast ancient city that has been well-preserved and was previously hidden from modern times. Its strange Djinn Blocks and Obelisk Tomb will make you wonder and open your history books out of curiosity.

Two days of exploring won't be enough if you want to see the entire majesty of Petra. Make sure you don't miss Siq and the Treasury, as well as the jaw-dropping tomb and residential structures at the Streets of Facades, where you can climb the stairs and have a full view from the High Palace of Sacrifice.


Though already considered one of the world's leading hotspots for city life and leisure, Macau remains true to its name as the true Las Vegas of the Far East. However, many travel enthusiasts fail to explore the hints of Portugal, where well-preserved colonial structures and cobbled streets greet visitors.

Sightseers can visit the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, where they can enjoy an overlooking view of the city's past, or the newly opened Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which is the longest one in the world at 55 kilometers.

However, before you go for a Hong Kong day trip, it's best to visit the historic Senado Square's Portuguese-inspired colonial architecture and the stunning A-Ma Buddhist temple with all of its six sections.

Naturally, if you're into the nightlife, Macau can never run out of casinos, hotels, and strip malls in its inner-city area where you can enjoy various kinds of entertainment. Here, whatever happens in Macau, you'll undoubtedly take it with you wherever you go.


In the southern part of Europe, Albania also waits to be explored by tourists for all its historical and cultural splendor.

Visitors who want to engage with friendly local folks in the 2,400 year old museum city of Berat can marvel at the Ottoman houses. Called 'the city of a thousand windows,' Berat is located by the hillside and stands out from other Balkan cities for its unique and colorful beauty.

More worthy sites to visit in Albania are the Rozafa Castle in the large town of Shkodra near the Montenegro-Albania border. History buffs will surely enjoy how the ruins serve as the centerpiece of its vast green areas where hikers can also explore. Bejeweled by ancient sites like the Ebu Beker Mosque and Orthodox Cathedral, its surroundings tell many stories about Albania's Illyrian tribe's era you'll surely love to hear.

Travel is back!

There's no denying that the tourism industry will soon be back on its feet, with many looking to go on holiday as quickly as possible.

However, for travelers who wish to visit these previously hidden vacation spots, it is still best to take note of each country or city's health and safety requirements, mostly being vaccinated and remaining negative of COVID-19 upon setting foot in the territories.

With that, have a safe and happy trip!


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