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Cage Diving With Great Whites

The following is an article “Cage Diving With Great Whites” by Marc Pulisci.

To most people, the very thought of being locked up in a steel cage and lowered into the depths of shark-infested waters is nothing but an elaborate death wish. But to the minority of the world’s daredevils, it could very well be the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Cage Diving With Great Whites

This will come as good news and bad news to some, depending on where cage diving ranks on your bucket list, but to ensure the best Great White encounter, one must travel to either South Africa or Australia, whose waters boast the highest population of the shark famously made infamous by the movie “Jaws”.

The following are popular destinations famous for cage diving with this feared but equally fascinating species known scientifically known as carcharodon carcharias:

Gansbaai, South Africa

The 8 Shark Cage Diving operators in Gansbaai base themselves inside Shark Alley. Shark Alley is a thin stretch of water between the two Islands of Dyer Island and Geyser Rock near Gansbaai and earned its name due to the large number of Great Whites that circle the islands. On most days, it does not take long to attract the sharks to the boats using fish based products. The water is baited to attract the sharks but this does not put them into frenzy but tends to keep them interested in the boats and divers in the water. There are Great Whites in Shark Alley all year round, but the waters are clearest from March to September and these are the best viewing months.

Neptune Island, Australia

The Neptune Islands consist of two groups of islands in South Australia. Famous for being a venue for great white shark tourism, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions is your ticket to the Neptunes. Wonderful species of mammals, reptiles, and birds abound, the cruise to the main cage diving location is an integral part of the experience. Male Great Whites inhabit the islands all year round. When the seal pups are born and start entering the water from April to August, that’s when the giant female Great Whites (up to 6-metres/19-feet) come to the Neptunes, making those months the ideal time for your shark encounter.

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