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The World’s Best Dive Spots

The following is an article “The World’s Best Dive Spots” by Marc Pulisci.

Whether you are a beginner at exploring the underwater world or a certified dive master, scuba diving enthusiasts swear there is no thrill quite like it. To get the most out of your aquatic experience, the following are dive spots around the world that often make it to lists of the world’s best.

Best spots to dive in the world

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Located on Oʻahu island, Kailua Kona is often referred to as simply “Kona” among the locals. Served by Kona International Airport, Kona is famous among divers for its manta ray night dives. By placing lights on the ocean bed, large amounts of plankton are attracted to the luminescence which, in turn, attract massive manta rays which glide right beside you for an incredibly ethereal experience.

Puerto Galera, Philippines

This dive destination is less than 100 miles south of the sprawling capital Manila, and is considered by many to be the country’s finest spot. With over 30 dive centers located in either of the main white sand beaches, local tours will ensure you get the most out of the marine sanctuary that awaits. Whitetip Reef sharks, bright coral gardens, and even a Japanese World War II shipwreck are just some of the highlights of this Southeast Asian underwater experience.

Navy Pier, Western Australia

Not to be confused with Lake Michigan’s Navy Pier, this dive spot in Western Australia with the same name is located in what is aptly named the country’s Coral Coast. Being in the land Down Under, you are guaranteed to witness a diverse portfolio of marine life, many of which are indigenous to Australia. These typically include anything from the mundane flatworm to various types of octopus, and if you’re lucky, many kinds of sharks.

Palau, Micronesia

An island country located in the western Pacific Ocean, this small nation of over 300 islands is big on sub-aquatic sights. The most famous of these is the Blue Corner Wall, which is favored by more advanced divers due to the upwelling characteristic of open water diving. On display is an eclectic variety of marine life ranging from barracuda to snappers, and eagle rays to sharks.

Sipadan Island, Malaysia

If you loved the movie Finding Nemo, then you’ll be forgiven for thinking you were starring in it when you see many of the main characters in their element after a dive at Barracuda Point. Sharks, turtles, clownfish, and, of course, barracudas abound when you explore the depths of this popular Malaysian dive spot.

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