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Get More Out of Your Trip

The following is an article “Get More Out of Your Trip”

by Marc Pulisci.

Experienced travelers are a rare breed. Knowing how to travel well is all about the small details. An overpriced flight, a fee you did not expect, packing more than needed, any one thing could turn a beautiful memory into the stuff of nightmares.

Get More Out of Your Trip

To help you avoid this misfortune here are a few tricks:


The luggage you choose is up to you but whatever bag you decide to check or use as carryon does make a difference on your trip.

The bag you check you should always label fragile. This ensures your bag is handled with more care and will usually go to the top of the pile, which means it will also come out first when it is time to collect.

Carry on should be holdalls. Airlines are getting stricter about carryon bags due to weight and space. Wheeled bags are the first to get discriminated against since they are inflexible and take up a lot of space. Save yourself the hassle and probably some cash using a simple holdall bag. With the right packing methods, they can fit more anyways and are very flexible to fit in overhead compartments.


Knowing where you are going is key. Be honest about your interests and the facts about where you are going. Make sure you understand where you are going and find out what you might want to do beforehand. Download the maps of the area you are planning to visit and mark down the spots. This way you will have mapped out your destinations. If you can't find access to WIFI on the road, the GPS in your phone will still work even without internet.

It only takes a few minutes and can save you hours of lost tourist anxiety.

Think Car Insurance Through

For some reason, many bank products include car insurance as a bonus feature. Before you pay for car insurance make sure you don't have a card with car insurance as one of the travel benefits covered. If you do, the savings are worth the time spent claiming it.


Significant weather changes and change in setting can contribute to any unprepared traveler to get sick. Example, if you are accustomed to cold weather, going to a warm country and going all out could cause dehydration and fatigue to occur. To avoid this, go to the sauna a few weeks before your trip and train your body to expect the temperature change. Remain well hydrated. But make sure you know where it is coming from.


In the end getting more out of travel comes down to your ability to adapt. Adapting to your surroundings and making things work with what you have is a skill and you can develop it.

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