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Indispensable Websites For Every Traveler

The following is an article “Indispensable Websites For Every Traveler” by Marc Pulisci.

Traveling in the digital age has become child’s play with all the information we need at our fingertips, 24/7. We all have our tried, tested, and trusted travel websites when it comes to booking the best deals on flights, hotels, and tour operators.

Websites for Travelers

The following are my preferred travel websites that have served me well throughout the years. Each have their own strengths, so rather than just use one for all my travel needs, I simply weigh which site best suits the purpose of travel and make my choice accordingly:


Launched in 1996 as a division of Microsoft, Expedia is one of my top go-to travel websites when booking airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals. Among its brand is Orbitz, which offers a fantastic loyalty program wherein travelers can earn instant rewards on flights, hotels, and vacation packages. On a mission to make the world within reach for all, Expedia prides itself on being locally accessible on a global scale using a intuitive interface that makes navigating their site a breeze.


Founded 20 years ago, FlyerTalk is an online forum for discussion of airline frequent-flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs, and other travel-related topics. Open 24/7, travelers with questions about the best rewards programs or would like to share their latest finds can do so on this site where they will find a wealth of information from like-minded jet setters in all corners of the world. With dozens of forums to choose from, FlyerTalk sure lives up to its name and is the place to get the travel conversation started.

The Points Guy

Founded in 2010, The Points Guy is basically a travel news aggregator site that produces and compiles stories on travel, hotels, airlines, and loyalty programs. This site is a testament to the power of blogging; its roots can be traced to a personal travel blog of founder Brian Kelly, which, eight years later, has evolved into an online brand with 7 million visitors a month, plus at least 3 million social media followers across six social networks.

Seat Guru

Powered by Trip Advisor, is a travel site that is just what its name implies; for those who are particular about aircraft seating, especially during long-haul flights, this is the site for you. The website features seat maps and configurations of various aircraft, seat reviews, complete with a legend that identifies separates preferred seating to substandard seats. It also includes valuable info on in-flight amenities, customized check-in tips per carrier, and other practical tips for over 700 aircraft from almost 100 different airlines.

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