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Top 5 Cities We Hear Little About

The following is an article on the “Top 5 Cities We Hear Little About”

by Marc Pulisci.

The United States is known for many destinations New York, Chicago, & Los Angeles are the cities which usually lie at the center of attention. Their fame is well deserved and are all excellent places to visit. Never the less, below are the top 5 of some of the less internationally known cities that also offer unique experiences and great food.

1. Louisville, Kentucky

The vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in Louisville is one of a kind. The budding food scene, boutiques hotels, and multi-venue art museums should be experienced. According to hundreds of Yelp reviewer, ''Brendon's Catch 23 " Is the absolute best seafood in the country hands down!! The city is also associated with fantastic arts and music scenes as well as historical buildings. Everything about Louisville puts the city right at the top of the list.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia should be on everyone’s radar. It's arts, and historical attractions, overall relaxing atmosphere are suitable for all, locals and nonlocals alike. The Royal Boucherie, a Lively French-inspired American brasserie with a raw bar & charcuterie from chef Nick Elmi is a much-talked-about adventure in the city. It treats every visitor to a memorable dining experience.

3. Detroit, Michigan

The impressive historic architecture in Detroit showcases the city’s resilience. The remarkable outdoors has created a beautifully unexpected, serene place. With a blossoming food and beverage scene, according to, Flowers of Vietnam, a Hip spot for creative Vietnamese dishes & full bar options with relaxed surroundings. It managed to retain much of the charm and unpretentiousness of the original coney island pop-up in an expanded and refurbished space on West Vernor. Visitors will always have something exciting to look forward to in Detroit.

4. Portland, Maine

This is an easily accessible city that has become a notable vacation destination. Exuding classic American vibes, the city has an array of restaurants, bars as well as excellent breweries. Allagash Brewery ranked No.1 on TripAdvisor among 160 attractions in Portland, is a great spot to have at the top of your list in this city.

Portland also offers stunning and incomparable natural beauties that cannot be experienced elsewhere in the United States.

5. Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is among America’s oldest major cities. The city is all about its signature southern charm.

Effortlessly stylish, Richmond sets the bar quite high as a hip tourist destination. According to most Yelp reviewers the best place for a great dining experience is Stella's honors rustic & modern Greek cuisine, is all the rage.

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